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Virtual Workspaces

Cloud delivered workspaces for your team accessible from a simple web browser.


Published Applications

Deliver remote applications through our virtual workspaces so your customers have access to your desktop programs from a web browser.



Our low cost plug and play zero client will replace your computers and automatically connect the users to their virtual computers.


Easy to use

Easy to customize

Our cloud workspaces are ridiculously easy to use. Order online and within 30 minutes your workspace will be ready to use directly within your browser - no plugin required.

That's right!

Optimized for businesses

You can add up to 50 users under a single workspace so they can share files and applications while having their own desktop session.
You can monitor activity of your users, see who is online and working, manage access permissions, setup backup schedules, increase storage space, and much more!
You can resell cloud workspaces to your customers under your own brand and still have access to the administrative dashboard
Simply connect the thin client to a screen monitor and the user will be directly connected to the virtual workspace.


Over the last 3 years, our scalable platform has served over 7000 users. Thanks to our solid partnerships with worldwide recognized datacenters and our unique distributed architecture, we are able to support any size of business anywhere around the word.

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Our level of customer service is what makes us unique. Forget about endless call waiting, you will always be able to talk to someone directly with us. This will always remain our main priority: provide the best customer service on the market.

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