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Epicor ERP Cloud Hosting

Host Epicor ERP on the cloud to ensure your business operations are always efficient and secure, empowering your team to collaborate seamlessly and make data-driven decisions from anywhere in the world.

Epicor ERP Cloud Hosting

Why host Epicor ERP on the cloud?

By migrating Epicor ERP to the cloud, companies can ensure their critical data and applications are always available, secure, and easily accessible.

This shift empowers teams to collaborate efficiently and make informed, data-driven decisions from anywhere in the world, driving productivity and growth.

With our robust cloud infrastructure, high-performance servers, and dedicated support, we deliver a seamless hosting experience tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses.


Lower IT Costs

By hosting applications on the cloud, businesses can significantly reduce capital expenditure. Our cloud hosting eliminates the need for physical servers and minimizes the requirement for extensive IT support, leading to substantial cost savings.

Downtime & Reliability

V2 Cloud provides high availability and reliability, backed by robust disaster recovery options. Our infrastructure ensures minimal downtime, so your business can maintain continuous operations and avoid costly interruptions.

Data Security & Compliance

V2 Cloud invests heavily in advanced security measures and compliance certifications. Our cloud hosting environment is designed to provide a more secure setting for your Epicor ERP data, ensuring your business meets all necessary regulatory requirements.

Remote Access

Our hosting solutions enable secure and easy access to your ERP system from anywhere with an internet connection. This supports remote work and collaboration, allowing your team to stay connected and productive, regardless of their location.

Comparison Table

Local-Hosted vs Cloud-Hosted Epicor

Choosing between local-hosted and cloud-hosted Epicor ERP depends on your business needs.

Local-hosted solutions may be suitable for businesses with existing IT infrastructure and minimal remote access requirements. However, for those seeking scalability, enhanced security, high performance, and the convenience of remote access, cloud-hosted Epicor ERP with V2 Cloud offers a superior solution.

Compare both options below!

Features Local-Hosted Epicor ERP Cloud-Hosted Epicor ERP

Limited, requires additional hardware.

Highly scalable, adjust resources as needed.


Data is stored locally; risk of data loss due to hardware failure or theft.

Data is stored in secure data centers with advanced encryption and regular backups.


Dependent on local hardware capabilities and maintenance.

High performance with robust cloud infrastructure.


Managed in-house, may require additional resources.

Cloud provider ensures compliance with industry standards.

Uptime & Reliability

Dependent on local hardware reliability and power supply.

High uptime guaranteed by cloud provider with redundant systems and failover mechanisms.


Limited to local network; remote collaboration is complex and costly.

Seamless collaboration with multiple users accessing the same data in real-time.

Use Cases

Who can benefit from Epicor ERP cloud hosting?

Epicor Hosting offers versatile solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of various industries. Here are some examples of how different sectors benefit from our hosting services:


Manufacturers benefit from streamlined operations, enhanced production scheduling, and real-time inventory management.

V2 Cloud’s scalable hosting ensures that as production demands grow, the ERP system can easily scale to accommodate increased workload.


Distributors can improve supply chain efficiency and accuracy with real-time data access and automated processes.

The cloud-hosted solution supports multi-location management, making it easier to oversee and optimize the distribution network.


Service-oriented businesses enjoy better project management, resource allocation, and customer service capabilities.

The accessibility of cloud-hosted Epicor ERP enables service teams to access vital information on the go, improving response times and client satisfaction.


Retailers gain from enhanced point-of-sale integration, inventory tracking, and customer relationship management.

Cloud hosting allows for seamless updates and real-time data synchronization across all retail locations.

Why Host Epicor ERP on V2 Cloud?

  • Application Hosting Management: V2 Cloud ensures Epicor is available, and accessible to protect against security vulnerabilities.
  • Enterprise-Grade Reliability: Our infrastructure ensures maximum reliability and >99.95% uptime.
  • High Security: Integrated security modules including proactive monitoring, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and single sign-on (SSO).
  • Daily Backups: Daily snapshots of your cloud computers enable you to restore individual files or revert the whole cloud computer with the Epicor in case of a disaster.
  • Host Additional Applications: Besides Epicor, our environment can host other applications such as Xero.

Host Epicor on V2 Cloud in 4 Easy Steps

Get your Epicor in the Cloud quick and easy:


Choose Your Plan

We offer tailored plans through which our customer success team can guide you.


Build Your Cloud PC

Just as when buying a laptop, choose how much memory and processing power you need.


Share Epicor Details

Securely provide your Epicor license to install it on your cloud computer.


Get Started

Log into your V2 Cloud portal and use Epicor as if you had it installed on your desktop.


Which Plan Fits your Business?

See the full list of features for each plan.

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What V2 Cloud's customers are saying

I’ve been using V2 Cloud for over 2 years now, and it has been fantastic. Our productivity has increased as we can all work off the same server. I recommend V2 Cloud to any business in search of a secure, reliable and cost-effective cloud desktop solution…

Perm Persaud

Owner of Ark Accounting & Tax PC

As a small business with very few employees all the alternatives required minimum order commitment and exceeded our budget. V2 Cloud help us setup the machine we needed and also install our accounting software.


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A virtual desktop is similar to a normal computer desktop, but everything is on a software package and runs on a cloud server. Multiple virtual desktops can be run on a single server, which eases the collaboration between users and reduces costs. A virtual desktop solution is a way of deploying multiple virtual desktops similar to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Creating a virtual desktop can be difficult and depending on the provider you’re with, it can require IT skills and certifications. That’s different with V2 Cloud’s virtual desktop services—you can create a virtual desktop in 20 minutes. Simply create an account, build your virtual desktop in the cloud, and after 20 minutes you can start using it.

The cost of virtual desktops varies depending on user licenses and resource consumption such as CPU and RAM. Prices start at approximately $35 USD per user, which includes a bundle of computing resources, like 2 CPUs and 8 GB of RAM. These resources are pooled in the cloud desktop with a per-user licensing fee. For geographically dispersed users, dedicated virtual desktops may be necessary, precluding resource sharing. Check our pricing here!

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Virtual desktops are notoriously safe because your data never leaves the cloud. Virtual desktop solutions are usually safer than physical desktops. Since no business data is stored on the physical machine, multiple layers of security and encryptions are built-in with cloud desktops. Multifactor authentication(MFA) and single sign-on(SSO) on a cloud PC are protecting end-users way more than mixing personal data with business data on a physical desktop.

There are many advantages to using virtual desktop software. The key aim of virtual desktops is to better manage workloads by transforming traditional computing to be more scalable, efficient, and economical. Virtual desktop software is quickly being adopted by organizations and the academic community due to its ability to offer a reduction of investment outlays and operating costs. Some benefits of virtual desktop software are:

– Simplified management
– Increase productivity
– Flexible and cost-effective
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