QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Securely access QuickBooks Desktop from any device, any location. Host your QuickBooks Desktop application in the Cloud to improve the application’s accessibility, security & flexibility.

What is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting? Rather than installing QuickBooks Desktop on your device, you can install and run QuickBooks Desktop on a cloud server, and access the application from anywhere, on any device. Allow your employees to securely access your business applications and data—from any device at any location

Benefits of hosting QuickBooks in the Cloud:

Improved Security
Your business data is hosted in a highly secure cloud environment

Better Accessibility
QuickBooks Desktop application hosted in the cloud can be accessed from any device and any location

Ensured Reliability
QuickBooks Desktop app is not dependent on your device and your cloud computer is available >99.9% of the time

QuickBooks Desktop Hosting vs QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Cloud HostingQuickBooks Online
Available from AnywhereYes

Available from Any DeviceYesYes
Data Secure Hosted Off-DeviceYesYes
Built-In SecurityYesYes
Industry-Specific FeaturesYesNo
Sales OrdersYesNo
Complex AccountingYesNo
Multiple Licenses AvailableYes Pro, Premier, and EnterpriseNo QuickBooks Online only


Why Host QuickBooks on V2 Cloud

  • Application Hosting Management: V2 Cloud ensures QuickBooks is available, accessible to protect against security vulnerabilities.
  • Enterprise-Grade Reliability: Our infrastructure ensures maximum reliability and >99.95% uptime.
  • High Security: Integrated security modules including proactive monitoring, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO).
  • Daily Backups: Daily snapshots of your cloud computers enable you to restore individual files or revert the whole cloud computer with QuickBooks Desktop app in case of a disaster.
  • Host Additional Applications: In addition to QuickBooks, our environment can also host other applications such as Xero.

Host QuickBooks in 4 Easy Steps with V2 Cloud

Get your QuickBooks in the Cloud quickly and easily:

Choose Your Plan

We offer tailored plans through which our customer success team can guide you.

Build Your Cloud PC

Just as when buying a laptop, choose how much memory and processing power you need.

Share QuickBooks Details

Securely provide your QuickBooks license to install it on your cloud computer.

Get Started

Log into your V2 Cloud portal and use QuickBooks as if you had it installed on your desktop.

Which Plan Fits your Business?

See the full list of features for each plans.


25,000 users work better with us.

“Easy to use for Small Accounting Business”

As a small business with very few employees all the alternatives required minimum order commitment and exceeded our budget. V2 Cloud help us setup the machine we needed and also install our accounting software.

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"Great Solution with Top Notch Support"

V2 Cloud was easy to setup for all of our users and the support team was immediately available to assist with any questions during and after setup.The product has been working without any flaws.

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Does QuickBooks offer hosting?

Quickbooks doesn’t offer hosting. It can be either on desktop, online or hosted.

What is the difference between online and hosted? Well, QuickBooks Hosting is a service offered by third-party providers (like V2 Cloud) where your QuickBooks Desktop is hosted on remote cloud servers. QuickBooks Hosting solution is the same version as the desktop application, just accessible via an application. Plus, QuickBooks Hosted offers more features that QuickBooks online, so you can have the complete version on any devices.

Can you share QuickBooks between Mac and PC?

. You can share QuickBooks between Mac and PC in 2 ways. One way to do it is to order a new QuickBooks for Mac subscription. The differences between Quickbooks Mac and PC are that QuickBooks for Mac has fewer features than the Windows versions like QuickBooks for Mac doesn’t have Premier and Enterprise versions. It also has fewer reports, fewer payroll options, limited inventory capabilities, online banking not as well integrated. Plus, majority of bookkeepers do not support QuickBooks for Mac. Alternatively, you can access your QuickBooks for PC through Mac via Quickbooks Hosting. Access all your Windows apps on different devices and OS with a windows cloud desktop like V2 Cloud. Access QuicBooks even on your Ipad!

How much does it cost to host QuickBooks?
Pricing is different depending on your needs. Quickbook Hosting starts at 40$/month on the basic plan and 60$/month on the business plan. You can choose your different customized offerings to fit your business needs. See the pricing here or contact us and see how we can help you.
Can I use QuickBooks on 2 computers?

Your license allows you to install a single user license on up to two computers but you cannot configure the two computers for multi-users. ?Here’s how QuickBooks Desktop on two computers works. QuickBooks Desktop uses a database file manager to communicate with the company file. Use the Recommended mode to set up your file: The Recommended multi-user set up is having the company file stored on the Host computer. According to QuicBooks, it is important to note to turn on hosting only for the Host computer or where the company file is stored. If you’re using a server to host your file, one computer still has to act as a Host. You must not turn on hosting for workstations.

How safe is QuickBooks cloud hosting?

QuickBooks cloud hosting is even safer than QuickBooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online. In case of a disaster, all your data is backed up in a cloud for minimal business disruption. Use V2 Cloud as your cloud hosting provider for QuickBooks. With >99.95% uptime, malware protection, SSO & MFA and data encryption, your QuickBooks cloud hosting is safe from cyberthreats.

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