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Azure Virtual Desktop Alternative: Deliver Fully Managed Windows Applications and Desktops to Any Device

Move to V2 Cloud to streamline the deployment and management of virtual desktops. Our fully integrated Desktop-as-a-Service solution is a great alternative to Azure Virtual Desktop that accelerates time-to-value, reduces implementation efforts and lowers costs.

Deploy in Minutes and Reduce IT Overhead

Up and running out-of-the-box

V2 Cloud’s all-in-one Desktop-as-a-Service solution includes built-in security, virtual private networks and remote working features without need for complex plugins and long learning curves that is so often required by Azure Virtual Desktop and other competitors.

Seamless scalability

Regardless of how big or small your initial deployment is, V2 Cloud can help you scale up and down as your requirements change without unfeasible one-time charges. Most Azure Virtual Desktop alternatives have expensive setup fees, making them unsuitable for small deployments, and cannot easily scale down.

Predictable and flexible pricing

V2 Cloud offers flexible pricing with both fixed and pay-as-you-go models available, without any hidden fees or upfront costs. Azure Virtual Desktop’s pay-as-you-go only model may lead to unpredictable prices that scale up considerably compared to initial estimates.

Fully managed, fully supported

V2 Cloud takes on all of the responsibility for designing, deploying, and running your VDI environment. Rather than investing in extensive training for your staff, hiring expensive VDI consultants or even full time employees, V2 Cloud’s solution is delivered as-a-service. Extensive 24/7 technical support via multiple channels combined with proactive monitoring ensures at least 99.95% uptime.

How V2 Cloud Compares to Azure Virtual Desktop

FeatureV2 CloudAzure
Virtual Desktop
Comprehensive Remote AdministrationYes
Easily manage users and associated permissions from a simple dashboard
Manage users and permissions while navigating complex dashboards and few controls over app restrictions
Easy Installation and SetupYes
Setup and deploy a VM in minutes using templates and simplified setup processes without complex training and documentation
Complex processes and setup will require time to train and understand documentation for a large enterprise-focused product, difficult network configuration
Comprehensive SecurityYes
Effective and maintainable security with built-in encryption, strong data policies, automated firewalls and AV implementations alongside off-site backups
Comprehensive security infrastructure with adequate encryption, controls and policies suitable for large customers
High PerformanceYes
Persistent desktops, device-independent GUIs and 24-hour availability on VM’s provides high performance to users
Offers persistent Desktops and HTML5 multimedia redirection. However, no device-independent GUIs, inconsistent user experience and VMs are not available for 24 hours a day.
Simple App and Desktop DeliveryYes
Pre-configured RDP clients, includes app virtualization and remote VM access, all available without the need for a complex plugin
Can support Zero Client, includes hosting and consumption via a web browser. Cannot offer app virtualization, convert desktop apps to cloud apps, or pre-configured RDP clients.
Appropriate Desktop and App ManagementYes
Easily manage, deploy, monitor and maintain desktops and applications whilst having access to comprehensive monitoring
Applications and desktops can be managed, deployed and maintained with ease, allowing a comprehensive array of different services to be accessible
PricingPay-as-you-go and Fixed pricing models. No minimum order, no up-front costs and no hidden fees.Pay-as-you-go pricing available with no up-front costs. Additional developments and plug-ins may increase the cost
Access to Managed ServicesYes
Fully-managed setup, backup management, software and hardware upgrades are included in the base offering
Solution does not include management or live performance monitoring. Only analytics and notifications available
Wide Array of Pre-Installed SoftwareYes
Access to Microsoft Windows, Office, anti-virus and more is included
Operating system and BYOL sincluded. However, business support solutions such as Microsoft Office or anti-virus are not included
Reliable Customer SupportYes
Free online chat, phone and email support is included as standard with a response times within minutes
Email support is available during business hours to aid with any queries IT administrators may have
Appropriate ScalabilityYes
Scale up or down as and when required
Solution can be scaled up, but difficult to scale down
Unlimited Networking Yes
Unlimited bandwidth and unmetered internet is provided, allowing users to get on with their work uninterrupted
Unlimited bandwidth and unmetered internet is not included, requiring IT administrators to monitor and manage usage

Download Technical Benchmark to Discover how V2 Cloud compares to Azure Virtual Desktops

Factors for Deciding on an Azure Virtual Desktop alternative

Number of Users

This is the key factor to consider when evaluating Azure Virtual Desktop competitors and alternatives. The number of users is representative of the total amount of workload you require and is the main price-driving force.

FactorsV2 CloudAzure Virtual Desktop

Small-to-mid sized deployments

Azure solutions see good return on investment with large deployments. So if your number of users is anywhere under 250, V2 Cloud is the suitable solution for you. It enables you to scale up and down without friction, manage your users and platform from a centralized dashboard, reduce costs and provide better long-term stability.

Large deployments

Solutions over 250 end-users come hand-in-hand with more complex cloud infrastructure that can be suited with the help of V2 Cloud’s product experts. However, if you have the required expertise and experience in-house, solutions provided by vendors such as Azure may give you better technical flexibility to suit your use cases.

In-house IT Team Size

The deployment and management of a complex VDI solution will require trained and dedicated staff. Your internal IT team size must be considered when evaluating vendors.

FactorsV2 CloudAzure Virtual Desktop

Large IT teams with on-demand resources

Organizations with a large pool of internal IT resources can either have staff with deep knowledge in VDI solutions, or are able to assign and train staff as required. Deploying complex solutions such as the ones provided by Azure can have many benefits when supported by internal IT staff. However, simple solutions such as V2 Cloud’s can provide many similar benefits and enable organizations to reassign IT staff to other value-adding activities.

Fewer IT staff without vendor-specific knowledge

Smaller teams can provide value more quickly with a less-complex and more modern product using features such as VM templates and simplified configuration. V2 Cloud’s DaaS offering is tailored for businesses with limited IT resources.

Vendor-Specific Technical Expertise

FactorsV2 CloudAzure Virtual Desktop
Deploying and managing VDI platforms such as Azure Virtual Desktop requires in-depth technical expertise, often specific to that one product. Most traditional VDI solutions now have engineers that specialize in a single product or suite of products such as Horizon due to the complex management and configuration required.

V2 Cloud is intuitive and easy to use, with a simplified network setup, templates for deployments and easy application and desktop management. The features and setup processes available through V2 Cloud reduce the technical expertise required, ensuring IT staff can spend as little time as possible learning complex configuration rules and integrations.

Budget and Pricing Models

Pricing models will determine whether a solution can be financially suitable or not. Azure Virtual Desktop alternative solutions should offer proportionate pricing with respect to your budget and usage.

V2 Cloud Pricing

Ensures fees are fair by having no hidden costs, no minimum order, no required contract and no up-front fees. Suitable for businesses which require predictable pricing and smaller budgets.

Azure Virtual Desktop Pricing

The pay-as-you-go pricing model with no upfront costs is an attractive proposition for small and large enterprises alike. Fixed-price models, additional add-ons, plug-ings and professional services make the pricing of Azure Virtual Desktops unpredictable.

V2 Cloud Differentiating Features

Integrated Security

V2 Cloud’s offering includes endpoint protection, firewalls and off-site backups.

Unlimited Technical Support

We provide free of charge, round-the-clock support for your IT team via multiple channels, including online chat, email and phone.

Quick and easy deployment

V2 Cloud runs in the browser, no installation required, no complex VPN setups. Get set up and running in as little as 20 minutes.


We maintain high performance using SSDs, device-independent GUIs and 24x7 availability.

Try the Best Azure Virtual Desktop Alternative for 7 Days

Get started with V2 Cloud to move your workspaces to the Cloud in as little as 20 minutes! Our risk-free 7-day trial gives you full access to the V2 Cloud platform so you can test our solution in a live environment. Cancel at any time within the first 7 days for a guaranteed refund.

Other Azure Virtual Desktop Alternatives

Fierce competition in the VDI and DaaS space empower customers to choose the solution which best fits their budget and requirements. Here are some vendors which V2 Cloud consider to be reputable alternatives to Azure Virtual Desktop.

Citrix XenApp

One of the largest VDI vendors by market share, specializing in enterprise deployments


AWS Workspaces

Good choice for organizations who already have an existing AWS Cloud estate


VMWare Horizon

A well-known name in the VDI Space, VMware Horizon offers comprehensive features and multiple deployment models

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