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15 Best Small Business Blogs to Read in 2024


15 Best Small Business Blogs to Read in 2021

March 17, 2021
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Author: Mathieu Ferland

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Technology is quickly shifting these days, and staying on top of trends can be exhausting. In fact, 87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry, but only 44% are prepared for a potential digital disruption (Forbes). In the last year, Covid rushed a lot of companies to do so. Whether or not you made big business decisions in 2020, a lot of resources and research are needed when it comes to migrating to a digital environment.

In this article, we pinpoint the tech, entrepreneurs and finance industry as they are the most heavily impacted by technology trends. We curated a list of 15 blogs based on the value we think these blogs can bring to your company.

Technology Blogs

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As mentioned earlier, the progression technology is following is going very fast. It’s well known that technology can help reduce cost in a company, as it increases efficiency and mobility. In fact, digitally advanced small businesses realized significant benefits as experienced revenue growth over the previous year was nearly four times as high. This is why blogs related to technology are becoming a must as a business owner. These blogs are an accessible source of news and trends that can be relevant for different types of businesses. Although they can get technical, we made sure to choose 5 resourceful blogs where information is accessible to anyone.

TechNewsWorld:-All Tech, All The Time

This blog is all about the future of technology. You can find reviews about the latest products, software. Their business and technology publications attract an audience of buyers and decision-makers who need timely industry news and reliable analysis. They also own other e-business and technology news sites, which makes this blog even more complete.

Artificial Intelligence – Big Data Analytics and Insight

Analytics Insight gives a lot of insights into the world of technology. Their content is more focused on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Analytics. Also, their main focus remains on disruptive technologies and how they can affect different industries. This is the place where you can learn more about all the tech innovations.

Silicon Angle- The Voice of Enterprise and Emerging Tech

Silicon Angle is a great resource that creates authoritative & engaging social experiences for audiences. They combine the depth of research, the reach of publishing, & the relevance of live video. Their blog is separated into subjects, which makes it easy to look for information.

Network World.com – Simplify IT

Want to deepen your knowledge about networking, storage, servers, and virtualization technologies? Network World is definitely the place to go. They provide real expertise in this world and help simplify it. Network World’s mission is to provide invaluable resources in helping enterprises meet strategic business goals.

HostingAdvice -News, Guides & Reviews

Hosting Advice is one of the best sources for reliable advice, how-to guides, reviews, and much more from hosting and programming experts such as how to make a website, how to protect your website from malware or even how to pick the right hosting platform for you. This blog brings expertise to businesses in terms of what’s going in the technology world. They also provide value in explaining the data trends while keeping complex topics easy to understand. If you want to have a look, don’t miss the article where they interviewed our CMO and reviewed V2 Cloud.

Finance Blogs

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The finance industry wouldn’t be the same without the evolution of technology. For example, cryptocurrencies have slowly revolutionized the finance world. Apps related to personal finances have also been on the radar over the last few years. These apps changed the way we invest, save and spend our money. These new technologies also innovated the way professionals work. New tools are regularly being developed in order to be more efficient as a company. A new report shows that 29 percent of new businesses reportedly failed because of a lack of finance. It is indeed fundamental to have a solid finance or accounting department. It can be damaging for the long haul of a business and every department will suffer. These 5 blogs can be great resources for people either working in the accounting field, but also for companies that want to offer a higher value to their business.

AccountingWEB: A community site for tax and accounting professionals

AccountingWEB is one of the leading online business communities for certified public accountants (CPAs) and accountancy professionals. They are providing news, software tools and guidance from leading industry voices. They cover anything related to accounting, but also technology trends.

Tech Archives – Accounting Insight News

Accounting Insight News envelops lots of business aspects. They include topics from business, tax, practice and technology. It’s a complete resource with well-researched articles. Their mission aims to keep accounting and finance professionals informed and connected, whilst being surrounded by new technologies and ever-changing policies.

CPA – Cloud Computing & Accountants

CPA Practice Advisor is a great technology and practice management resource for accounting and tax professionals. CPA Practice Advisor has products and service reviews that help professionals make rational decisions. CPA Practice Advisor’s mission is to serve, inform, educate in the areas of technology, workflow systems and to give the best practices so firms can become more productive and profitable.

Evergreen Small Business – Actionable Insights from Small Business CPAs

Evergreen is a good resource for up-to-date news, analysis and reports relevant to accountants. It focuses on news and intelligence specifically on issues and industry developments that are important to the accounting profession.

Accounting Today- Insights Into the World of Accounting and Tech

Accounting Today is a blog full of information related to accounting and the finance world. From practice management to technology, it’s one of the best resources and can be useful for public accountants, tax professionals, bookkeepers, small business owners and even the general public.

Entrepreneurs blogs

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Entrepreneurship has become very popular over the last decade. It is clear that younger generations value entrepreneurship and being self-employed. For instance, over 62% of millennials have considered starting their own business. This venture doesn’t come without its own set of difficulties. Starting your own business needs a lot of research and courage. Nowadays, multiple resources are available to business owners. It can be a struggle figuring out what is needed and what is not. It’s also important to have insights into your industry as well as learning the foundations of a business. These 5 blogs provide information about the different stages of owning your business. So whether you’re at the beginning stages or not, you can find useful advice.

Zendesk Blog

Customer service is an often overlooked part of starting a business. However, it’s vitally important because without retaining and growing your customer base, it’s going to be significantly harder to stay above the competition. This blog aims to dive into all things customer service related whether it’s how to measure customer loyalty or how to deal with angry customers.

Small Business Bonfire – Actionable small business resources

This small business blog covers all the subjects one would need. From different marketing tactics to tech product reviews and news, this blog is a complete resource. Their core focus is practical content with targeted tips, trends and answers to your questions. They’re a must if you are an entrepreneur.

The Self Employed – Your Gig Just Got Easier

This blog offers advice for both beginners and experts on how to navigate the field of self-employment. Topics range from start-ups and e-commerce to laws and financial restrictions.
This is a pretty complete resource for people who are starting or for people who already own a business.

Small Biz Club – Advice for Small Business

This small business blog is a complete resource for marketing and tips. They provide reliable marketing advice, tech information, and insights into automated accounting practices to owners. You can learn everything from the fundamentals of business to the most innovative, cutting-edge trends. Whatever stage your business is at, this is a great resource to look into.

Startup Stockpile – Startup tools and Resources Entrepreneurs

This blog’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to start, run and grow their own businesses. In addition to these insightful blogs, be sure to check out these great resources for a comprehensive collection of tools and guidance for small businesses. It’s a great place to connect with other entrepreneurs and find valuable tools to aid your business journey.

Fit Small Business – Get Your Business Into Shape!

This blog’s mission is to deliver the best answers to people’s questions From marketing to financing, this blog has some great articles if you’re looking for new insights. Their articles are written in a tone that’s easy to understand for everyone.

Bonus: Bplans – Business Planning Resources

This blog is a great place to help you stay on top of the technological landscape, including staying connected with reliable data plans globally, which is essential for any new business. Reading should become part of your routine!

Are we missing something on our list? Please contact us and let us know!

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Written By: Frederik Veyrie

When she’s not working as a Growth Marketer for V2 Cloud, Frederik likes to relax by spending time with friends and family. She has spent a lot of time traveling to other countries and she’s always keen for a new adventure.

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