Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

We securely host your cloud computers, so they are always optimal and accessible. Everything is automatically backed-up every day, and you have full admin control. V2 Cloud WorkSpaces features a multi-user windows operating system with Microsoft Office and all your business applications that you, your employees and consultants can access from any computer, phone or tablet anywhere around the globe.

Here are five reasons to deploy V2 Cloud WorkSpaces today

V2 Cloud's Quality, Cost and Time saving advantagesCost effective for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

V2 Cloud WorkSpaces helps SMBs convert CapEx for things like computer hardware to operating expenses like cloud-based desktop subscription services. Most businesses like the Pay-as-You-Use model of V2 Cloud because no minimum order is required and you pay only for what you need. If you find a better price for the same specs we offer, we beat it.


Instant deployment for various use casesworkspace in the cloud

Our WorkSpaces gives SMBs the ability to instantly provide high-performance desktop experience to their new hire, temporary workers and consultants in a matter of minutes. Another benefit of V2 Cloud WorkSpaces is that it helps IT admins to integrate new employees into corporate systems instantly without having to overhaul the IT infrastructure.


IT firms resell V2 Cloud to customersSupport for remote computing

Bring-your-own-device support is now a necessity for most businesses with employees clamoring for mobile access to data and desktop applications via their devices. In a time where remote computing is generally accepted, V2 Cloud WorkSpaces is an ideal solution for geographically dispersed workforces.


Data security (More Secure Than Traditional Workstations)data lock down and encryption V2 Cloud

V2 Cloud WorkSpaces offer the best data security option for SMBs. This is because your business data reside in the cloud, not on end-user devices that are often targeted because of poor security practices.



No special IT skills required

V2 Cloud WorkSpaces doesn’t require the same level of expertise and experience that internal VDI deployment and management requires. With a basic understanding of computer, you can navigate through the dashboard easily. The learning curve is about 20 minutes.



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