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The True Cost of AWS WorkSpace in 2024: Plans & Overhead Expenses


The emergence of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) platforms such as Amazon Workspaces has proven highly beneficial in cost reduction. Especially for SMBs, such platforms help in scaling the business more efficiently, as companies only pay for infrastructure as much as is required at any given moment.

However, choosing the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model with Amazon Workspaces can sometimes prove to be counterintuitive, as the charges based on your usage can add up to be a hefty sum. This is because when you ‘pay as you go’, the cost based on usage can cross your planned budget.

Here, we’ll cover in detail how the Amazon Workspaces cost adds up, along with presenting certain alternatives that you can consider to control these costs and stay within your planned budget.


How AWS Workspaces Pricing Works

The pricing for Amazon Workspaces is based on the Pay-as-you-Go model, where you pay according to your infrastructure requirements. Users can pay based on monthly usage, hourly usage, or even seconds. Getting priced based on hours/seconds is ideal for users who need to access their virtual desktops only for a limited period per day.

The Amazon Workspaces cost varies depending on whether you need a virtual Windows or Linux system, required root and individual user volume, preferred region/zone, etc. The rates for each kind of specification are listed on the official AWS website.

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