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Benefits of Using Cloud Computing For Your Remote Team


Benefits of Using Cloud Computing For Your Remote Team

Feb 1, 2023
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Author: Paul Moronfola

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One of the attributes of remote working is that workers cannot access the organization’s physical IT infrastructure (hardware and software). This has several disadvantages. For example, it can make it impossible for the organization’s IT department to fix hardware/software issues that remote workers experience while working. Furthermore, it can reduce members’ tendency to collaborate if they need to work on one physical file.

A working solution to this is to make the organization’s IT infrastructure available remotely using cloud computing solution. In what way does cloud computing help businesses that use remote teams? This article gives five benefits to consider incorporating cloud computing for remote teams.

1 – Better Flexibility and Mobility

With cloud computing, computer resources such as data storage, operating systems, and software are available on the cloud and accessible on any device with an internet connection. As a result, making your organization’s IT infrastructure available using a cloud computing service can improve remote workers’ flexibility and mobility.

The cloud computing service provider will provide the remote team with cloud computing resources such as operating systems, virtualization, storage, and server. Consequently, there is better working flexibility since workers only need an internet-enabled device. Furthermore, mobility improves as they can now access such resources no matter their location.

2 – Minimal Data Loss

Organizations running a physical data center often experience data loss due to faulty equipment, hardware crashes, and operator errors. Also, remote workers can experience data loss while working on their computers. As a result, you would need a system that minimizes data loss, and this is achievable by incorporating cloud computing into your organization’s IT strategy.

With cloud computing, data is stored in remote data centers rather than the organization’s on-site data center. Furthermore, cloud computing service providers ensure a heightened cybersecurity level through proper data management and rigid security policies. As a result, there is minimal data loss due to faulty equipment, operator errors, and theft.

3 – Improved collaboration among remote team members

Generally, remote workers work alone, lacking collaboration with other team members even when working on the same project. This means it is hard to collaborate in real-time with other team members when working on the same project, unlike office workers.

Cloud computing can help improve collaboration among remote team members as all the organization’s data are available and accessible in real-time by all the team members on the cloud. As a result, members can work on the same project in real time.

4 – Easier scaling for growing businesses

For a growing business, the initial investment cost for IT infrastructure, such as hardware and software, is high. Aside from that, investing in such infrastructure is not advisable because technology becomes outdated.

With cloud computing, the cloud computing service provider is responsible for providing and managing IT infrastructure such as data storage, networking, servers, and virtualization. As a result, organizations do not need to worry about the cost. Furthermore, increasing or decreasing your remote team members is easier without worrying about the cost associated with such decisions. This is possible because cloud computing service goes by pay-as-you-go pricing.

5 – Improved cybersecurity

One of the major attributes of cloud computing is the huge focus on cybersecurity. Compared to on-site data, cloud computing has a lower chance of cybersecurity risk. Generally, cloud computing service providers put in place security practices such as passwords, two-factor authentication, and file encryption to protect data stored on the cloud. Furthermore, there is a constant and continual update of security measures to nullify new hacking methods and technologies.

How Can V2 Cloud Benefit Your Remote Team?

V2 Cloud is a virtual desktop solution that allows workers to remotely access essential computer resources from their PCs or tablets via the internet. It is a huge addition to any business that uses remote workers as it promotes flexibility while offering a secure work environment.

With V2 Cloud, you do not need to worry about the cost of maintaining and upgrading software and hardware systems for your evolving business needs. Do you want seamless and secure remote access of your business resources to your remote team? V2 Cloud is a perfect choice!

Final Thoughts

Remote workers come with many disadvantages due to the lack of access to the organization’s physical IT infrastructure. As a result, organizations should utilize cloud computing in their IT strategy to improve collaboration with other team members and eliminate the need to fix hardware/software issues they might experience while working.

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Written By: Paul Moronfola

With over five years of experience as a technical content writer, Paul Moronfola portrays a unique view of technical content writing which has helped several SaaS, Technology, Software, and IT companies to generate organic leads.

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