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Benefits of DaaS for Service Continuity


Benefits of DaaS for Service Continuity

July 19, 2023
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Author: Haziqa Sajid

In today’s digital era, businesses aim to ensure smooth service delivery for frictionless operations. It comes amid a range of uncertain and daunting challenges. The challenges to service continuity include natural disasters, cyberattacks, and increasing workloads. Businesses are moving towards DaaS solutions to curb these challenges.

According to a report, DaaS adoption is expected to expand by 44% in 2023. The finance and health sector sees the highest adoption. These numbers indicate the increasing trend of businesses adopting cloud-native DaaS solutions. 

This blog will discuss DaaS technology to integrate cloud computing with virtual desktops. Let’s discuss why businesses are moving to DaaS for service continuity.

What is DaaS?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud-native solution. It delivers virtual desktops to remote users via the Internet. Traditional PC setups come with IT management challenges. It also occupies expensive IT resources and hinders productivity. DaaS cuts the need for businesses to buy costly hardware resources. These resources include various processing, networking, and storage devices.

Virtualization might be an option. But it requires notable capital investments and specialized IT skills. To simplify the process and cut initial expenses, organizations opt for DaaS. The DaaS provider manages and configures the entire infrastructure. It allows end-users to easily access and use virtual desktops & resources via the web. 

Moreover, recent advancements have curbed previous limitations. Now DaaS solutions can deliver graphics-intensive apps like Autodesk, AutoCAD, etc. DaaS providers ensure smooth business operations by migrating virtual machines between servers.

Service Continuity with DaaS – What to Expect?

DaaS framework sparks a revolution by making business operations smooth for service continuity. The reasons that make DaaS a go-to option for businesses are.

  1. Seamless Business Operations.
  2. Security and Compliance.
  3. Risk Mitigation.
  4. Cost Savings & Efficiency.
  5. Scalable to Meet Dynamic Business Needs.
  6. Business Continuity with Legacy Hardware.

These are the top DaaS features that allow businesses to scale their IT infrastructure & enhance business-critical operations. Let’s discover how DaaS help organizations leverage these advantages.

1. Seamless Business Operations.

DaaS helps in improving business continuity through various automation techniques. It offers efficient onboarding by streamlining the provisioning and de-provisioning of virtual desktops.

DaaS enables remote users to securely access their desktop environment and applications from various devices. It paves the way for.

  • Remote collaboration.
  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Reduced workflow conflicts.

DaaS providers also handle virtual desktop migration between servers to ensure continuous service delivery. It ensures service continuity and maximum up-time even during maintenance & upgrades.

2. Security and Compliance.

The most significant feature of DaaS is its top-notch cloud security to meet stringent security and compliance requirements. With centralized storage and SSL encryption, DaaS providers protect sensitive information. It eliminates the risk of unauthorized access and breaches. For instance, V2 Cloud’s secure remote access offers.

  • Single-sign-on.
  • Zero-trust model.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA).

These access controls ensure that only authorized individuals can access vital cloud resources. DaaS also offers a framework that helps organizations in fulfilling industry-specific regulations. Businesses can meet industry standards and regulations with secure and reliable services. For instance, V2 cloud periodic audits ensure compliance with the following industry regulations.

  • GDPR.
  • HIPAA (in healthcare).
  • PCI DSS (in finance).
  • SOC.

Remember! Opting for DaaS providers that ensure regular audits, vulnerability assessments, and data backups is mandatory.

3. Risk Mitigation.

DaaS empowers businesses with robust disaster recovery plans. It handles risks associated with natural disasters and uncertain events. Industry-leading DaaS providers like V2 Cloud offer automated data replication to cloud servers. This distributed storage protects critical information from cyber threats and natural disasters.

V2 Cloud DaaS solution comes with a daily snapshot with 7-day retention. These techniques allow businesses to capture and store data regularly. In a disaster, VMs can quickly restore and recover virtual desktops, apps, and data. That, too, without service disruption.

4. Cost Savings & Efficiency.

OpEx (operational expenditure) is more cost-effective in the short term than CapEx (capital expenditure). Therefore, it attracts SMBs having limited initial investment. With DaaS, businesses can reduce costs by opting for the OpEx model. It cuts the need for heavy upfront investments in procuring expensive hardware and maintenance costs. Businesses can reduce CapEx and optimize resource allocation by adopting a subscription-based DaaS model.

DaaS also reduces energy consumption. With in-house deployments, businesses are responsible for powering and cooling physical hardware. It leads to significant energy usage, greater carbon emissions and environmental impact. DaaS relies on a cloud-native framework. Cloud enables businesses to utilize the vendor’s data centers and shared resources. It offers more efficient energy use and reduces carbon footprint.

5. Scalable to Meet Dynamic Business Needs.

DaaS fulfills dynamic and varying business needs. It is ensured by seamless scalability to adapt as per need. It allows businesses to quickly scale their virtual resources up or down based on user demands. This helps in optimal resource utilization and cost-effectiveness. 

DaaS delivers role-based virtual desktops to align service with specific user roles. It improves productivity and reduces costs by offering a tailored service.

6. Business Continuity with Legacy Hardware.

DaaS helps businesses ensure business continuity without upgrading legacy systems. DaaS enables businesses to meet operational challenges. That, too, without upgrading outdated machines. Users don’t need to replace the entire on-premises system. 

DaaS offers a more affordable & latest operating system and apps from the cloud. Employees can continue working on their existing systems with the added benefits of a newer OS. 

This results in enhanced productivity, as employees can access the latest tools and features required for their tasks. DaaS also ensures the continuity of critical operations without interruption, as businesses can meet peak demands even with legacy hardware.

Why Choose V2 Cloud DaaS Solution?

DaaS is a game-changer in ensuring service continuity in the digital age. V2 Cloud is the market leader in DaaS solutions that offers all these features necessary for your business in 2023. V2 Cloud’s advanced features, security, and budget-friendly pricing make it an affordable choice for SMBs. V2 Cloud offers MFA, SSL encryption, no-trust model to safeguard your data. With dedicated onboarding and migration support, V2 Cloud enables businesses to grow and succeed in a digital age.

We are committed to offering reliable and secure services to our clients. Explore V2 Cloud to learn more about our top-notch offerings. Apply for a 7-day trial to enhance your business operations with a V2 Cloud DaaS solution.

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