The changing employee behaviors in the modern workplace is gradually curtailing the need for traditional desktop infrastructures. The agile working policy seems to be the new norm for millions of workers preferring remote work to four walls of traditional office space.

These changes have prompted workspace reformation for most small and medium businesses. This reformation demands a reliable, secure and cost-effective cloud workspace. Fortunately, V2 Cloud’s fully managed workspace was built to take away this IT headache from SMBs.


Introducing…V2 Cloud’s Workspaces

This is a multi-user (up to 250 users/VM) cloud virtual desktop created to enable small and medium businesses: reduce IT labor costs, build more efficient digital workspace and guarantee security for sensitive data.

However, the main question is how do you know if V2 Cloud digital workspace is a good fit for your business needs? This is exactly what we will try to answer in this post by comparing the costs, security, and efficiency of both V2 Cloud Workspaces and On-premise desktop infrastructure. So that, in the end, you will be able to make a decision.

Reduced overall IT cost in V2 Cloud vs On-premise desktops

With almost half of the entire cost of on-premise desktop infrastructure going into IT labor alone, it is quite understandable that the procurement and management of desktop infrastructures can sometimes not be cost-effective for small and medium-sized businesses.

V2 Cloud solutions, on the other hand, has all these figured out already and created an innovative digital workspace that costs a fraction of your investments on physical desktops. No CAPEX costs to set up a workspace for your business, in fact, the pay-as-you-use model turns the CAPEX into OPEX. This ensures that you only pay for the resources you use, thereby, allowing you to spend more capital and time on the core of your business.

Building a more efficient digital workspace with V2 Cloud vs On-Prem workplaces

The workplace is changing and this change has brought about a tilt in the productivity and efficiency level of most employees.

It is best to work with the most common trends of modern workspaces rather than against it if you want your employees to remain highly productive and efficient.

The physical desktop infrastructure makes it hard and almost impossible for a flexible working experience. Although most businesses spend money on remote PC access applications, it still doesn’t bring to the table the same flexibility of working with a cloud virtual desktop accessible from any device with an internet connection. If you put into consideration the cost of additional hardware and software upgrades for both new users and other workers, you will see that it costs more money to maintain the traditional infrastructure.

Here is how V2 Cloud workspaces are different:

  • It supports mobility and remote workforces
  • It allows access cloud virtual desktop from any device with internet access and web browser
  • Grants an elastic digital workspace (Scale-up or down depending on your needs)
  • Centralized PC management with admin dashboard
  • Rapid onboarding of new employees (within Minutes)

V2 Cloud basically, assists workers adapt very fast to a new work environment with their desktops rendered to them via any web-browser. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

V2 Cloud guaranteed security for sensitive data vs Insecure traditional workspaces

Employees come to work every day with at least two portable devices, and without a secure infrastructure, these devices might be a source of vulnerability to your company’s data and network. It is always difficult to securely integrate all these mobile devices into the office network not to mention backup.

V2 Cloud Workspaces takes the cloud desktop security to the next level. The platform provides data security that most small and medium-sized businesses don’t have in their on-premise desktop infrastructure.

V2 Competitive Matrix

A Quick Recap

Yes, the on-premise desktop infrastructure provides a sense of comfort in seeing the computers in your office, V2 Cloud offers even better cost, productivity, and security.

However, it is best to consult an experienced cloud advisor to weigh your options before migrating your entire business infrastructure to the cloud.

For more information about V2 Cloud Workspaces and how it can be integrated into your business email our cloud advisor.


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