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The V2 Cloud Mobile App

Feb 04, 2020

The V2 Cloud Mobile App

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Author: Gabriel Bujold

Cloud Mobile

Recently, we launched our mobile app on iOS and Android. The goal behind this launch is all about providing a complete virtual desktop experience.

Why create a mobile app?

We are continually saying that V2 Cloud is build to work from anywhere and on any device. I’m still saying it, but accessing your cloud desktops on your smartphones was not the best way to work.

That’s why our team of super engineers has worked on a mobile app for iOS and Android. The goal was to offer a seamless way to access your cloud desktop and work “on the go.”

The process was not the easiest. The first draft was programmed on a language hard to work with, so we revisit the code from Qt to Javascript. Our launch date was reported because of this.

After that, we had to deal with the struggle of being published on the Google & App Store.
Android was pretty straightforward, but Apple gave us more jobs than planned(to say the least).

What does your app do?

The first goal of our app is to make sure that you can stay productive from anywhere.

But we made sure to add a handful of features to provide you with the best experience.

Settings and views are customizable

I’m more of a portrait mode person when I browse the web and a landscape mode when I’m working in Word or Excel, but the cool thing with that is, you can be whatever view you want.

You can change your type of keyboard, the way your mouse is working, and other essential details. It’s your mobile desktop, after all, use it as you want!

The web connect help you collaborate within the app

Since you’re familiar with our web connect feature, you know that you can share your view and even let a colleague take control of your cloud desktop.

We decided to include this option directly in the app to make the collaboration between team members more efficient.

Download and upload files on your desktop

We added a files transfer button in the application. You can download files on your desktop but also upload files already on it to your smartphone.

If you need to access a particular document during a meeting, this tool can be pretty useful.

Access from anywhere

If you’re in a situation where you don’t have the time to open your laptop, but you need to access something, this is a life-saving feature.

I like to write drafts of articles when riding the bus, so connecting to my VM while commuting is an excellent way to stay productive at any time.

The app even works over the inflight WiFi in an airplane. You can work during your travels without taking much space in the plane.

Why should I download this?

Well, I mean, we are not forcing you to download it, but we strongly recommend it.

We spent a significant amount of time to make sure you’re benefiting from a seamless experience on mobile.

We believe in productivity and teamwork. Building a mobile app was the logical choice to follow up with our vision.

I genuinely hope you’re going to find value with this app. And as always, feedback is more than appreciated.

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