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Outsourcing Human Resource Functions: How V2 Cloud Found Success with Exact RH


Outsourcing Human Resource Functions:
How V2 Cloud Found Success with Exact RH

Mar 25, 2023
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Author: Vishnu Vardhan

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For businesses like V2 Cloud, staying compliant and streamlining human resources (HR) procedures are more crucial than ever in today’s ever changing business environment. These situations are the reason we made the decision to collaborate with Exact RH, a forward looking HR outsourcing company, to revamp our HR procedures and improve our internal operations. We will discuss how Exact RH aided us in improving our HR management as we set up our HR processes in this article.

1. Customizing Our Employee Handbook

When we began working with Exact RH, one of the first tasks they assisted us with was the development of a tailored employee handbook. By considering our industry, company type, size, and culture, they crafted a comprehensive handbook that outlined our policies and procedures, ensuring our team had clear guidelines to follow.

2. Reviewing and Updating Legal and Employment Contracts

Exact RH’s expertise in Quebec labor laws and compliance standards proved invaluable as they reviewed and updated our legal contracts, employment contracts, and independent contractor agreements. Their attention to detail and understanding of the legal landscape allowed us to operate with confidence, knowing that our contracts were up to date and compliant.

3. Developing Onboarding and Offboarding Documentation

With Exact RH’s guidance, we were able to create thorough documentation for our onboarding and offboarding processes. They helped us design a seamless experience for new hires, ensuring that they were properly integrated into our company culture and understood our expectations. Additionally, our offboarding process was refined to protect both our organization and departing employees.

4. Implementing Essential HR Policies

Exact RH worked with us to establish key HR policies, such as our code of conduct, respectful workplace policy, privacy policy, and expenses and reimbursement policy. These policies created a solid foundation for our HR processes, fostering a positive work environment and supporting our commitment to transparency.

5. Assisting with Performance Management and Reviews

During our annual performance review process, Exact RH provided invaluable support by supplying guides, training materials, performance management tools, feedback manager forms, self-evaluation forms, and performance improvement plans. Their expertise helped us navigate the complexities of performance management, ensuring that our team members received constructive feedback and opportunities for growth.

6. Ongoing HR Compliance and Support

Exact RH’s continued assistance has been critical in helping us stay compliant with Quebec regulations and guiding us through complex HR policies while we establish our own HR team. We were able to secure a one-year support contract with them, ensuring that we have access to their expertise as we continue to grow and evolve.

7. Navigating Remote Work and Flexible Work Arrangements

As a cloud solutions provider, embracing remote work and flexible work arrangements has been a key aspect of our business strategy. Exact RH helped us develop policies and guidelines for remote work, ensuring that our team members had the tools and resources they needed to succeed while working from home or other remote locations. This not only increased employee satisfaction but also allowed us to tap into a broader talent pool beyond geographical boundaries.

Great Collaborations Bring Great Results

Our collaboration with Exact RH has been crucial in transforming our HR procedures and guaranteeing adherence to legal requirements. We have been able to concentrate on our core business products and keep providing our clients with great cloud solutions by outsourcing our HR services to a dependable vendor. We have been able to establish a healthy workplace that promotes development, creativity, and success because of Exact RH’s complete assistance in areas like employee engagement, recruiting, remote work, and internal communication.

If you would like to know more about how Exact RH can help you with your HR Functions and Operations, please click here

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Written By: Vishnu Vardhan

With over 16 years of experience across communications, strategy, advertising and branding, Vishnu indulges in his passion to help brands overcome communication challenges and connects them with audiences. He loves telling stories about people, brands, products and companies.

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