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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting – 6 Reasons Why it Makes Sense

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting – 6 Reasons Why it Makes Sense

Feb 22, 2023
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Author: Haziqa Sajid

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Businesses worldwide are rapidly shifting to a more scalable and robust cloud computing model. It helps businesses efficiently manage critical business activities in the cloud, from deploying their entire tech stack to financial management. A recent report by Gartner reveals that global end-user spending on cloud services is projected to reach around $600 billion in 2023 compared to $490.3 billion in 2022.

As more businesses move swiftly to cloud computing, different software solutions are becoming compatible to support cloud hosting. One such software is QuickBooks, a well-recognized bookkeeping software that provides accounting and financial solutions. QuickBooks can be hosted in the cloud, enabling businesses to leverage a range of industry-specific and secured functionality offered by cloud technology.

By adopting cloud technology for QuickBooks hosting, businesses can achieve significant advantages such as enhanced security, scalability, accessibility, and efficiency, leading to an improved business bottom line. This blog will let business owners, decision-makers, or financial managers discover how QuickBooks cloud hosting is a practical approach for their organization. Let’s dive deep into detail.

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QuickBooks Desktop Vs. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Discussing the differences between QuickBooks Desktop and Cloud hosting is necessary to find the right solution tailored to your needs. Below are some vital differentiating factors you must consider before finalizing your decision.

  • Accessibility – QuickBooks Desktop installs and runs locally on your desktop or laptop computer. Hosting QuickBooks on a cloud-native framework offers accounting and financial capabilities accessible over the internet. QuickBooks Desktop hosting offers faster performance, as it runs directly on your system, utilizing its overall processing power while relying on network bandwidth. However, QuickBooks hosted in the cloud requires well-established network bandwidth and gives convenience to access your crucial financial data from any device, anywhere and anytime.
  • Functional Capabilities – QuickBooks hosting in the cloud offers more advanced and flexible utilities than QuickBooks Desktop, especially for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). These additional features include mobile access, frequent data backups, and real-time collaboration with remote teams, leading to greater flexibility.
  • Futuristic Approach – QuickBooks cloud is more future-proof, ensuring a scalable accounting solution that can scale per your evolving business needs. Moreover, QuickBooks cloud hosting ensures more frequent and automated updates and lets you access all the latest tools and features.

6 Reasons to host QuickBooks in the Cloud

In this digital age, QuickBooks cloud hosting becomes a popular choice for businesses of all sizes that you must consider as a go-to option to streamline and optimize your financial workflows. Below are some convincing reasons that make QuickBooks cloud hosting a recommended choice for businesses of all scales.

1. Reduced IT Budget

With cloud-hosted QuickBooks service, you can eliminate capital and resource-intensive investment in the form of on-premises infrastructure. With QuickBooks hosting, you only have to pay for the resources you use, making it a cost-efficient choice for businesses of all scales. On the contrary, an overwhelming budget expenditure is required for QuickBooks desktop, which sometimes leads to budget overruns.

In QB cloud hosting, you can spare your IT team from managing in-house hardware & software resources. You can also employ remote global talent to work from anywhere and anytime.

Therefore, choosing QB cloud hosting can help you utilize your IT budget more effectively.

2. Infrastructure & Information Security

Cloud-native QuickBooks solutions offer high-end security for your organization’s critical assets, data, and information. In cloud hosting, all your files are stored in highly secured data centers with industry-compliant standards and a high degree of encryption and authentication methods.

Cloud infrastructure security addresses misconfigured networks, less frequent and outdated data backup practices, and security loopholes overlooked by in-house IT teams.

3. Enhanced Functionality & Usability

QuickBooks cloud hosting is a highly scalable and flexible approach to addressing the evolving needs of your business. Quickbooks Cloud services providers streamline the scaling of all the resources and storage based on user requirements. Your remote teams can access vital data records anytime from their PC, tablet, or mobile devices. By adopting a cloud-native solution, you enable your employees to focus on core business operations instead of sending emails to accountants to filter segmented and redundant information.

4. Greater Integration Capabilities

In QuickBooks enterprise hosting, you can integrate APIs from different sales channels and payment gateways to streamline and correlate the flow of financial transactions. You can automate your complex workflows associated with managing inventory and data analytics. The integration supports include Shopify, Amazon, PayPal, etc., for a more robust and quick accounting of all finances.

5. Data Consistency & Backup

For businesses of all scales, online accounting comes amid security risks and challenges, as sharing access credentials for critical information with all employees can create security gaps and vulnerabilities for intruders.

Access control and authorization in the cloud can help you control and monitor the activities of your employees. You can provide role-based access to different employees and restrict them from accessing information unrelated to their jobs.

6. Multiple Simultaneous Access

QuickBooks cloud hosting allows real-time collaboration to enable multiple employees to work remotely on duplicate project files or information simultaneously. It ensures rich communication, reduced human errors, enhanced transparency, and quick project completion.

QB cloud hosting gives modern businesses an edge to handle critical accounting operations from anywhere. QuickBooks Enterprise hosting ensures strict compliance for information security by saving your data on secured and distributed servers. The user end serves as a centralized solution with real-time monitoring and access to updated information.

Why Host QuickBooks on V2 Cloud?

By hosting QuickBooks Desktop on the V2 cloud, you can benefit from the best of both worlds; the accessibility of QuickBooks Cloud and the industry-scale usability of QuickBooks Desktop. Below are some convincing reasons that make V2 cloud a top pick for QuickBooks cloud hosting.

  • Enterprise-Grade Reliability – V2 Cloud’s QuickBooks hosting comes with high-end infrastructure to ensure 99.9% uptime with zero latency. V2 cloud’s global servers are integrated with enterprise-grade fault-tolerance and disaster-recovery mechanisms for maximum reliability.
  • High Security – By hosting QuickBooks on the V2 cloud, organizations can leverage state-of-the-art security features, including AI-driven threat detection and prevention, SSL encryptions, and multi-factor authentication (MFA). The entire network infrastructure at V2 Cloud performs under strict scrutiny with regular audits and penetration tests to ensure regulatory compliance with industry standards.
  • Daily Backups – V2 cloud QuickBooks hosting services ensure regular data backup to provide data protection in cloud computing. The V2 cloud has the industry’s best practices for data backup and recovery methodologies to safeguard data from potential breaches, human error, or natural disasters.

QuickBooks Hosting & V2 Cloud – A Way Forward

QuickBooks cloud hosting is a way forward for businesses who want to maximize the potential of modern-age accounting and collaboration practices. If you want to discover how to host QuickBooks in the cloud for more robust accounting and financial operations, explore the V2 cloud, your go-to partner for all cloud needs. V2 cloud offers enterprise-grade security, multi-factor authentication, modern encryption, and frequent data backup facilities to secure sensitive financial records and organization assets. Moreover, the V2 cloud seamlessly scales and optimizes resources to address your growing business needs. Visit V2 cloud and get your quotation to embrace the next-generation accounting hosted in the cloud.

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Written By: Haziqa Sajid

Freelance tech writer and content marketer for tech, SaaS, and AI companies | Helped 50+ tech businesses with engagement-driven content.

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