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This is a concept that is gaining more popularity among IT professionals. Unlike cloud storages (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive and so on) that only offers storage space for your data. Cloud Desktop provides you a fully managed, secure and private cloud workspace that can host your entire firm’s network (desktops, data, email, apps, backup, etc.) in the same environment. Your firm needs more than just a storage space in the cloud, you deserve a complete cloud solution that takes care of all your IT needs at an affordable price.

FIVE problems cloud can solve for your firm


 IT Infrastructure & Software upgrades

Very tedious and capital intensive exercise that hinders employees from doing their job for a couple of days until the upgrade is over.

  • With V2 Cloud you won’t go through that process anymore. Everything is securely hosted in the cloud, so you don’t have to upgrade on-premise infrastructures anymore. You will always have access to the latest technology with all the relevant Microsoft licensing including Microsoft Office software.
  • Hardware and software systems upgrades are performed during your non-business hours, so you are the most up-to-date and it doesn’t interfere with your workflow.

Support for Mobile Workforce

 It is a necessity today for Attorneys, Paralegals and other staff members to have remote access to their work desktops with case files and other materials. They want to view and edit documents from anywhere (home, cab, courtroom, on the train, on vacation) on any device.

  • Unlike cloud storage where you have to download the documents first (security risk) on your device before editing, V2 Cloud lets you view, edit and share documents from anywhere on any device without downloading it first. Your data, apps, and email are all inside your workspaces which makes it a one-stop for everything work-related.
  • You can conduct video conferences, case review and so on from within your dedicated workspace without patching together several third-party applications (like a built-in Join Me/ GoToMeeting).
  • The quick and responsive Web Connect function on your dashboard makes it seamless to view your desktop through any HTML 5 compatible web browser. This guarantees that you will always have access to your desktop from any device with internet access and a web browser — without having to install software on your machine.
  • V2 Cloud offers a compliant ready data center and everything is guaranteed compliant with the latest regulations at no additional cost. Contact us for more details.

Security & Disaster Recovery

Ransomware attacks, corporate espionage, internal sabotage and so on are severe threats to your firm’s data that cloud storage wasn’t designed to prevent. Except you are a data security specialist, it is challenging to keep up with the latest schemes devised by cybercriminals to either steal your data or wreak havoc on your network.

  • V2 Cloud can help you keep your data safe and avoid downtime in the event of an attack.
  • The attackers can’t reach your data because it is residing in Tier 4 OVH data centers, protected by the highest level of security measures designed by ethical hackers. Tier 4 means an enterprise-grade security that includes ( -factor authentications, multi-layer firewalls, antivirus, anti-DDoS, anti-ransomware and encrypted access to your data).
  • Other security measures used by OVH data centers include biometric hand scanners, redundant power systems, video surveillance and round the clock security staffs on-premise.
  • Unlike in public cloud storage where you don’t even know exactly where your data is stored, in V2 Cloud you select a secure data center location of your choice and it never leaves that location.
  • Since V2 Cloud is managed professionally, it is typically more secure. First, your data is backed up daily (including remote redundancy and 7 days snapshot restore). Upgrades with security patches are typically installed quicker. It is harder for employees to access confidential case files (since data does not reside on their PC (office or personal)), which also makes your data more secure (if a laptop is stolen, etc.). Plus, it is much easier to recover from a ransomware attack by reverting to a snapshot of the previous day — and you have built-in support to assist.


It is quite tricky to correctly guess what your IT needs will be in the coming months. Your business is continuously scaling up or down; new offices, hiring interns, merging or splitting, and you want your IT to scale accordingly allowing you to pay only for only what you need and use

  • V2 Cloud is flexible and easily scaled up or down depending on your IT requirements. It helps you handle unexpected things like additional users, extra storage space, and instant system upgrades.
  • A team of specialists continuously monitor your WorkSpaces ensuring it is optimal and always available. You also have timely memory and storage usage analytics to help you make proactive decisions on scalability and resource allocation.

IT Expenditure

It is not just the infrastructure that is expensive; the software upgrade, skills to implement, maintain or replace it are costly too.

  • V2 Cloud helps you break the “IT Cycle” of buy, use, and replace.
  • It converts your capital expenditure into a monthly operating cost.
  • You only pay for what you need and use, so there is no risk of over or underspending.
  • The pricing usually includes licenses for Windows OS as well as applications such as Office and ongoing support.
  • You get the best IT infrastructure and maintenance services for a fraction of what you currently spend now.

 Contact us today to find out other problems V2 Cloud’s WorkSpaces can solve for your Firm.

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