V2 Cloud: a top IT Infrastructure product in G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards

Feb 23th, 2022
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Author: Gabriel Bujold


V2 Cloud is excited to announce that we’ve been included in G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards for best IT infrastructure products! We are ranked #20 but we’re the #1 Desktop-as-a-Service on the list!

G2 is our go-to review website to learn more about new software and leveraging customer reviews to see if it can meet our needs. We’ve been collecting badges with them over 2 years straight and we’re listed on 15 other categories such as momentum leader, easiest to use and high performance.

Everyone at V2 is extraordinary grateful for the kind words and support from our customers. Getting direct feedback really pushed us to continuously improving our solution. We evolved in 2021 into making remote work more accessible and we hope to make IT management way simpler while staying secure.

With over 120 reviews, here are our favorite picks:

“The ease of getting started, up and running with great support in just minutes. You can add users on the fly and give them permissions to only what the need to see. You can add disk space as the company grows. We are a company with 6 employees and being able to exchange data and files without emailing it or using a thumb drive, or having to maintain a server is wonderful.”
David Luck – Feb 15, 2022

“For a couple of hundred dollars a month I have replaced my entire IT infrastructure with something that’s more reliable, scalable and with a network/windows expert on tap. This is saving me a fortune. The product is reliable, but the support is superb. Every time I have contacted support, I get a response in minutes, and my problem is promptly resolved. The staff are helpful, professional and knowledgeable. And it’s all so cheap. […] I wish I’d found them a year ago when I started the business.
Jay J – May 20, 2021

“Ease of transition to V2 cloud and superb accessibility to all my programs and data. All my staff loves it, and I regret not starting with V2 cloud sooner. Customer support is excellent.
Anil S – Nov 18, 2021

G2 releases this list annually to recognize leaders in product performance and user satisfaction. The list is built with data from more than 1 million verified customer reviews on the G2 platform.

If you’re a V2 Cloud user and are interested in sharing your experience with others, please visit us on G2. If you’re new here, get started with a risk-free 7-day trial.

Written By: Gabriel Bujold

Big enthusiast of technology and remote work, Gab is the CMO of V2 Cloud. He’s a big fan of hiking, traveling, gins, and telling bad jokes to his colleagues.