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Top 6 VMWare Alternatives


Top 6 VMWare Alternatives

August 28, 2022
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Author: Haziqa Sajid

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VMWare was the first workstation that provided the virtual environment to deploy different applications on a single server. It offered many resources to manage the workload of operating systems. Thus, VMware was an efficient solution to let the individual system work in virtualization.

No doubt, VMware provides a choice of freedom to run multiple OS on a single computer. But with time, the technology faces ups and downs to survive in an advanced automated multi-handling environment. Various latest expert choices truly take the virtual workstation concept to the next level of cloud computing. Thus, considering the demand for VMware alternatives is good to find the simultaneous and most compatible solutions compared to VMware. There are many pertinent aspects to consider for the functionalities and features of VMware alternatives.

To understand the features of competitive VMware alternatives, we shared our point of view to educate you about better choices of VM with compatible solutions.

Why should VMWare alternatives be considered?

Before deepening the consideration of the VMware alternative, you should also understand the VMware details. So, you can relate better VMware alternatives’ features per your requirements and demanding resources. VMware provides a virtual machine solution on a single server to run multiple OS with easy installation. So far, VMware has no free trial to test it before actual use. It can also ruin your workstation with the wrong installation process, ultimately affecting your result!

Further, it is less reliable to consider physical product testing with the latest technology. For instance, it may show low performance for the high-speed function to give an accurate outcome. And it can be depressing in this fast processing time to get a slow result.

Therefore, Various VMWare alternatives are available, providing wide-ranging features based on cloud computing and cybersecurity. Thus it becomes vital to look for other options that might benefit your usability better.

These virtualization tools differ in pricing models, security, scalability features, flexible service, and security concerns. For this reason, considering the VMware alternative won’t be wrong to find a better choice in other software for businesses and individuals’ needs.

Let’s discuss some more sophisticated VMWare alternatives that offer high-performance virtualization with reliable data centre management.

Best VMWare alternatives in 2022

After exploring various VMware alternative options and reviewing their features, we make a list based on more flexible solutions with a consistent user experience and powerful virtual experience. These are some basic and essential features of a Virtual workstation that one should focus on before choosing.

  • Operational Flexibility to work on multiple OS
  • Reduce overhead to run VM
  • Fast performance to scale workload
  • Backup service to restore data
  • Simple management to centralize data on a single server

VMware Alternative 1: V2 Cloud

V2 Cloud is a fully integrated cloud service for large and small enterprises to access virtual services on their desktops. V2 Cloud offers you a basic plan for just $40 for personal and $60 for business use. You can consider it a direct cloud computing service for better performance of Desktop as a Solution. Users believe that V2 Cloud provides a reliable solution with an easy-to-understand virtual environment.

Pros of V2 Cloud:

  • Reliable infrastructure to keep scalability
  • Easy to control administrative features
  • Provide substantial technical support

VMware Alternative 2: Azure virtual machines

Azure virtual machines offer a minimum cost of $0.0038 per hour to enable flexible virtualization for all OS, including Windows and Linux. It has a review score of 8.4 on Trustradius and G2.

The Azure virtual machine provides a cost-efficient disaster recovery service to recover data quickly through Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) features. Furthermore, it enables cloud computing services using a virtual environment on any OS

Pros of using Azure Virtual Machines

  • Quick security updates
  • Easy API integration and monitoring
  • On-demand scalability
  • Easy configuration
  • Cost-effective

Cons of using Azure Virtual Machines

  • Unavailability of Hot Plug
  • No defined resource grouping

VMware Alternative 3: Virtual Box

Virtual Box offers a free version for individual users to work in an open-source virtual environment. It allows users to customize their virtual system according to their requirements.

Virtual Box lets us change the hardware features per workstation power to enhance the workload. It provides security features and APIs, enabling users to configure controlled access to virtual machines.

User reviews on Trustradius suggest that remote controlling service is one of the best features in Virtual Box. It has a 4.5 out of 5 rating on G2. Virtual Box users consider it hassle-free software. It is a fairly reasonable alternative to VMware, with multipurpose features.

Pros of Virtual Box:

  • Free open source software
  • Allows multiple VM on a single desktop
  • Offers compatibility for the host platform
  • User-friendly for desktop use

Cons of Virtual Box:

  • Internal issues on NAT (Network Address Translation)
  • Not compatible with Ubuntu OS
  • It takes 4-5 minutes to boot

VMware Alternative 4: Virtuozzo

Virtuozzo is another great VMWare alternative. It offers virtual machine service in the price range of $7.50 per month. It is reasonable for most users as it provides full-stack cloud services in a single infrastructure.

With a user rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Gartner, Virtuozzo offers private, public, and hybrid solutions according to user requirements.

User reviews suggest that Virtuozzo is an easy-to-install and user-friendly software. It provides comprehensive documentation, covering every aspect of the product, so new users can easily understand it.

With Virtuozzo virtual machine, users can enhance and optimize their system performance using cloud computing solutions.

Pros of Virtuozzo Virtual Machine:

  • Direct boot
  • Instant operation
  • Add direct resources to the system
  • Use less storage
  • Easy control access

Cons of Virtuozzo Virtual Machine:

  • Troubleshooting for new update
  • Hard to add plugins

VMware Alternative 5: Oracle VM

Oracle is one of the leading virtual machine software used worldwide and an efficient VMWare alternative. It enables fast open source cloud computing services. A premium subscription costs $16 per month, but you can use its free-of-cost features to configure your network on virtual tools. Moreover, It allows multiple machines to embed on a single desktop to build a reliable workstation.

Oracle VM scores 8.6 out of 10 on Trustradius to become the most convenient VM platform. It provides a simulated environment to work on the virtual machine with real-time testing features of the physical product.

Oracle VM is a reliable source to validate its security function for the existing systems by using a VPN connection of the operating system on any server. In addition, it provides a better solution to share host resources and create a backup with easy access. That’s why making it an alternative VMware with more convenient features is a win-win game.

Pros of Oracle Virtual Machine:

  • Easy configuration with every OS
  • Support backup of Configured VMs
  • Open source compatibility with any OS
  • Integration of host with VM
  • Dynamic features to work on Real-Time VM

Cons of Virtual Machine:

  • Limited GPU performance with pricing
  • Require legacy ports
  • Vague documentation

VMware Alternative 6: IBM PowerVM

IBM PowerVM provides more accessible and flexible virtual solutions in its cloud computing infrastructure.

It has a 9 out of 10 rating with an overall positive response from users on Trustradius. It provides a 90-day free trial for users to explore more about its virtualization feature.

It optimizes cloud technology to offer scalability under a single desktop server. IBM empowers security in VMware using encryption to ensure high availability.

It offers multiple storage options to keep data secure in the data centre. Ultimately, it gives freedom of work to get virtual services remotely at any OS without limitations or hassle. So, it allows working on fast, reliable cloud computing with the premises of using the same tools.

Pros of IBM Power Virtual Machine:

  • Maximum storage capacity to enhance workload performance
  • Easy to manage remotely on different OS
  • Simple tools to integrate data

Cons of IBM Power Virtual Machine:

  • Advanced functions are not compatible to operate
  • The disaster Recovery Process needs to upgrade
  • High Prices for business purposes to reserve tools on demand

VMware Alternative 7: Red Hat

Red Hat offers cloud computing services in an open-source virtual environment. It has a rating of 7.1 out of 10 on TrustRadius. It is a trial-based, cost-free software to avail virtual services with flexible data sharing on the public and private cloud. It gives authority to the user to control and manage operations on a virtual machine with networking tools.

Pros of Red Hat Virtual Machine:

  • Open stack management of VM to access for standard hardware use
  • Easy to configure and integrate
  • Dynamically set speed of loading CPU

Cons of Red Hat Virtual Machine:

  • Overloaded terminals to distros performance
  • Bugs need to fix for security concerns
  • GUI needs to improve for easy understanding

Final Thoughts

Individuals and businesses should choose VMware according to their requirements. Most VM tools offer flexible storage, high performance, and powerful security.

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VMware Alternative: V2 Cloud: The better VMware

All these VMware alternatives have specific features and functions per requirements to avail the service of Virtual Workstation.

However, the V2 cloud is becoming the most compatible VM for individual and business levels to get the freedom of work. It has 9.0 out of 10 scores on Trustradius. It allows in-house service to access virtualization on a single desktop with the independent management and control of data. You can try this Virtual Workstation for on trial to experience its effective services. Furthermore, it brings a reliable infrastructure of virtual machines to deploy inexpensive and scalable business goals under data protection.

Try out our Risk-Free, Fast and Secure V2 Cloud for 7 Days trial.

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Written By: Haziqa Sajid

Freelance tech writer and content marketer for tech, SaaS, and AI companies | Helped 50+ tech businesses with engagement-driven content.

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