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What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI and How it Works

What is VDI and How Does it Work

Oct 24, 2021
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Author: Gabriel Bujold

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We are going to take a look at what a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI is and how small business owners can leverage it for better IT and business operations.  Most IT departments desire to have all IT solutions including desktops, servers, software, and other management tools centralized in one technology infrastructure.

What is a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)?

VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a technology that helps organizations distribute virtual desktops from a centralized infrastructure located in a data center. The VDI environment can be found either on-premise (within the company) or in the Cloud (secure remote location).

Here is how to setup a VDI Environment – You install virtualization software on a central server called the Hypervisor which creates the virtual desktops that you distribute to your employees. The virtual desktops created by the farm of servers or Hypervisors are similar both in functionality and features to traditional desktops like the one in your office.

What are the Main Benefits of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

  • Your remote employees can work as if connected to your local business network. They can use any device of their choice that has an internet connection, and they can work with the virtual desktop practically from any location in the world at any time. Unlike traditional desktop computers, that limits your access to important files and document to an area (office or home) VDI gives you the freedom to use your desktop anytime.
  • Maintenance of the whole network is more comfortable with VDI. The entire system support is centralized. You don’t need to move from one physical site to another to upgrade the systems or transfer big data across the network. When you update the system (operating system, and other business apps), everyone gets updated.
  • Think about how gruesome it is to scale desktop supplies during the season, setting up new employees or consultants when they come on-board and having to resell these machines for 50 cents on a dollar when they leave. Virtual desktop infrastructure makes it very quick and easy to either scale up or down desktop supplies depending on your needs at the moment.
  • It is more secure than the security protocol you have in place now. Internal threats are one of the leading causes of data breaches and cyber attacks. Imagine an unsuspecting employee of yours lets in malicious software (malware) that encrypts your entire data and demands a ransom for the decryption keys. That is a called a ransomware attack, and it is terrible for any business that falls a victim. Virtual desktop infrastructure prevents that from happening because none of your data is stored on the end users machines. Everything is securely stored in the cloud.

Do I need a VDI Environment and How Can I Set It Up?

The short answer is YES! Today’s employee, interns, and consultants want a quality desktop experience with secure and flexible access to their data and applications from anywhere on any device. Businesses that keep up with this demand can guarantee significant benefits in employee engagement and productivity.

But here is the BIG PROBLEM.

For a small and medium-sized business, setting up a virtual desktop infrastructure can be very expensive and difficult to manage by the internal IT department or in most cases the business owner. Most companies end up trading one IT headache for another in an attempt to build virtual desktop infrastructure internally.

V2 Cloud can help…

V2 Cloud offers a fully managed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that enables you to securely access data, business applications, documents and other resources from anywhere on any device.

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)  features a multi-user windows operating system with Microsoft Office and all your business applications that you, your employees and consultants can access from any computer, phone or tablet anywhere around the globe.

It means you can work from home, at the office or on the go with access to all your documents, data and business applications.

How Does V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Work

We securely host your virtual machines, so they are always optimal and accessible.  Everything is automatically backed-up every day, and you have full admin control.

As the admin, you install any software you need and add as many users as you want. Once added to the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), users can access their desktop and all your business applications from their devices using just a web browser (no plugin required). Everything remains securely hosted in the Cloud, and the data never leaves the WorkSpace.

V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)  is compatible with Microsoft Active Directory and supports multi-factor authentication and SSO.

Using AD connector, you can use your existing directory and corporate credentials without having to replicate them to V2 Cloud.

You choose on which secure data center location you want your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)  to be located, and the data will never leave that location.

Don’t want to host your data on V2 Cloud? No Problem! Simply license V2 Cloud’s remote access software and have your data on any other Cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Platform.

V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides secure, cost-effective and high-quality desktop experience with live monitoring and 24/7 fanatical technical support.


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