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AppSmart helps organizations of all sizes improve productivity with enterprise-class cloud computing solutions. We have migrated petabytes of data to the cloud, manages nearly 150,000 users, and serves almost 1,500 customers. AppSmart has more than 100 strategic partnerships with leading cloud providers including Google and Microsoft.

AppSmart Case Study

Born in the cloud in 2009, AppSmart has grown into the industry-leading standard for IT buying and reselling.

This case study features our client Belmont Sayre. A privately held real estate investment and development company based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

belmont Sayre


Businesses like Belmont Sayre often struggle with legacy apps that are critical to their daily business operations. They want to have unrestricted access to these business-critical legacy applications from anywhere on any device of their choice. In most cases, these applications are either not available as cloud-based applications or the cloud versions aren’t as powerful as the on-premise desktop server versions.

In an attempt to provide a cloud-based version of the legacy software some businesses often spend years and thousands of dollars rewriting the source code. Efforts like this usually end in disappointments with both the performances of the applications and the cost of resources it consumed.

AppSmart needed a better way to provide Belmont Sayre. and other clients (with similar problems) remote access to their applications from any location in the world on any personal device of their choice (tablets, laptops, smartphones, and desktops).

remote access

We wanted to provide them the excellent user experience that a well-implemented cloud apps delivery offers. Data security was also paramount to us (keeping business data away from these personal devices), though the employees used the applications on personal devices, we wanted all the information to remain secure in the cloud.


We started searching for a cloud vendor that we can partner with to provide a complete solution for our clients. We wanted to offer the cloud server as both a standalone solution and bundled with other AppSmart service offerings.

We found V2 Cloud through an online research. We tried other cloud vendors but chose V2 Cloud because their product offered a better user experience, solved the RDP and VPN problems that other solutions don’t solve out of the box. We were also impressed that their cloud solution was further ahead in development than the competition.

cloud support

We refer to those legacy apps as “the other apps.” With V2 Cloud, we took “the other app,” installed it on a virtual private windows server that is accessible over the internet from any device in any location around the globe. This solution offers users secure remote access to the legacy apps without needing to install any remote access software or set up VPN for connection.

V2 Cloud delivered the legacy app to the end users right in their web browser without them having to install any additional application. Using the legacy app is just like you are visiting a webpage.

In addition to excellent user experience, V2 Cloud also provides daily back up, live monitoring of the server, and we receive a timely report about the activities in the server.



Partnering with V2 Cloud has provided us with lots of benefits. Everyone at V2 Cloud – from the bottom up to the CEO – is always available to answer our questions and to provide additional resources. If we need something built that is more custom – whether it be an advanced backup solution or an integration, they’re willing to talk with us about it. Their focus is strategically on continuous product improvement rather than sales, allowing AppSmart to provide customers with the best solution.

End users Benefits

Operational agility – Having the legacy apps in the cloud is ideal for our clients because it helps them scale up or down very quickly depending on the number of users.

Reduced capital-expenditure – V2 Cloud reduced the high cost of buying and maintaining hardware infrastructure on-premise for our client. The pay as you save subscription model is very kind to our clients’ cash flow.

Work from any location on any device – With any device that has an internet connection, you can work from anywhere. Our clients’ employees are not restricted to working from only the devices in the offices. They can offer more flexible working hours to employees so they can enjoy the work-life balance.

Security – Having business data on employees devices is a million dollars problem for businesses. Losing a single device is a huge security risk for companies. V2 Cloud gives our clients greater security because no data is on end-user device everything is stored in the cloud.

Our experience with V2 Cloud has been a dependable two-way partnership in which feedback is valued to incorporate lessons learned from both the service provider and an ISV developer perspective. This creates the best experience for our customers, our highest priority.

Mike Karnosky, Cloud Sales Manager at AppSmart

Mike Karnosky

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