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Ark Accounting & Tax PC is a Canada-based accounting firm helping clients through the murky waters of personal and business taxation with the ultimate goal of making their lives more comfortable and more efficient, as they grow their personal and business wealth. When you partner with Ark Accounting & Tax, you partner with a firm that guarantees a standard of service that is virtually unmatched in the industry.

Ark Accounting & Tax PC Case Study



The primary challenge I faced as an accountant when I started the company in 2010 was information sharing and the protection of the shared information. Other problems include:

Rapid business growth support. I wanted to move the business online as I faced an increase in client portfolio (I wanted the flexibility to access clients data, anytime, anywhere and on any device without compromising security.

Data security and compliance was a concern to me (Wanted my data to remain in Canada).

Remote desktop and data accessibility. I wanted most of my employees to work remotely, and I needed to provide them access to a secure desktop environment with the accounting data.

Secure collaboration and communication with clients. I didn’t have collaboration tools at the beginning, and I wanted to collaborate better with my employees and clients.

IT management and cost. As a new business, it was important to keep IT costs down on managing servers, updates, etc.

To tackle these and other challenges I started searching for a solution. Initially, I considered a web-based software solution with my data stored on a NAS drive. However, since a few of the software I use for work is tied to the Windows operating system, it will cause a workflow nightmare for me. I later heard of virtual desktops and started researching it.


I researched a few virtual desktops or remote computer offerings out there for some months before V2 Cloud solution. I looked at Amazon workspaces and other Canadian solutions, but a few things stood out about V2 Cloud:

V2 Cloud had a very easy to understand website layout explaining their product and services.

I chatted with Mathieu the CEO & Founder of V2 Cloud, and he took the time to answer all my questions on their services;

He wasn’t trying to sell; he was more interested in understanding how I wanted to use the system;

Their pricing was the best value in comparison to others.

V2 Cloud technology was well suited for our firm compared to other vendors.

Matthieu presented a solution to me with a comprehensive explanation on how he thinks I should set up the remote desktop infrastructure and it was perfect. Ark Accounting & Tax PC uses V2 Cloud WorkSpaces to deliver secure remote access to cloud desktops, clients data and accounting applications to employees. He helped me to design a cloud workspace that works for my firm.

We consolidated all our work computers, on-premise servers and moved them to a single Virtual Server (WorkSpaces) entirely managed on our behalf by V2 Cloud’s tech team. All primary accounting applications were transferred off of the employees’ local devices and installed on our highly secure V2 Cloud WorkSpaces (Physical servers were no longer needed). The backup system is well configured that no manual input is required (It is automatic and scheduled). Access to systems was set up through a secure and encrypted protocol that was carefully set up for us and audited by Matt and myself to ensure data security.

Now we can access data very fast anytime, on any device from anywhere without compromising security. Having this helps us provide fast and very responsive customer service to our clients around Canada. The simplicity of V2 Cloud’s system makes it easy for me to quickly add new employees to our WorkSpace to meet the massive demand for services during peak tax season.



We are always up to date on every device and platform used by my employees for work. V2 Cloud manages everything in the cloud, and we still have the latest version of the software without manually upgrading to new releases. My data is secure in Canada with multiple backups. No data is ever stored on employees personal devices.

The implementation of Bring Your Device (BYOD) policy across the company boosted our productivity. We can work from anywhere on any personal device of our choice. All the information employees need is also within reach with a few clicks. When a customer asks a question, they can look at their phone or iPad and answer right away without returning to their office desktop. V2 Cloud protects my business information, applications, and data while making it available remotely to my employees.

With a fully managed V2 Cloud environment, Ark Accounting & Tax PC has been able to eliminate the need for specialized, often scarce IT skills. We don’t need any in-house specialist to manage our virtual desktop infrastructure.

V2 Cloud allows me to expand my services into new areas and grow my business without making a significant investment in IT infrastructure. I can set up a new office, provide/manage employees with quality cloud desktops, and deploy the applications within minutes. That’s something I couldn’t do before.

As a fast-growing business, I need a partner that can give me the flexibility that V2 Cloud brings. This flexibility puts Ark Accounting & Tax PC at a different level when it comes to competing with other accounting firms in Canada.


“I’ve been using V2 Cloud for over 2 years now, and it has been fantastic. Our productivity has increased as we can all work off the same server. I recommend V2 Cloud to any business in search of a secure, reliable and cost-effective cloud desktop solution.”

Perm Persaud, Owner of Ark Accounting & Tax PC

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