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Communities In School

Communities In Schools had a computer lab with an outdated, expensive to maintain and inefficient desktop infrastructure. It was difficult for the school’s small IT department to meet curriculum goals for technology and education. CIS knew cloud infrastructure might be the best solution for school but they lacked the expertise needed to make a seamless transition. That is why they reached out to a V2 Cloud Partner Manuel W. Lloyd, Certified ITIL®, ITSM Experts for help.

Communities In School Case Study

Communites In School

Manuel W. Lloyd identifies and fixes broken IT processes, products and partnerships using ITIL/ITSM thought leadership and business insight. He teamed up with Communities In Schools to build a cloud infrastructure that fulfilled all the IT requirements of a K-12 computer lab in less than 2 weeks.

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The challenges were straightforward: students needed a well-equipped Computer lab with all the modern learning tools needed to succeed. Communities In Schools director of IT had three main concerns:

  • Building the computer lab without buying physical servers and new high-performance desktop computers that often end up under underutilized by students;
  • Having to maintain and upgrade the operating systems;
  • Handling network security and antivirus protection.

The students’ urgent need for a computer lab meant the solution had to be a turnkey system that provides very fast, lean, agile, secure and hassle-free computing. In fact, CIS wanted the computer lab up and running within 2 weeks.

Searching for a solution they realized that zero clients and desktop virtualization showed great promise for resolving the Computer Lab challenges.

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Having accepted the solution proposed by Manuel W. Lloyd, Communities In Schools gave the green light to start the implementation.

V2 Cloud started building the virtual environment for the computer lab’s servers, applications and desktops with zero clients. In less than two weeks, a secure cloud desktop infrastructure powered by V2 Cloud was delivered to the computer lab of Communities In Schools, Cape Fear.

The pilot deployment started with the installation of 20 zero clients through which students can securely access their high-performance V2 Cloud desktops. The leadership of Communities In Schools described the project as an immediate success that will eventually scale to many more computer labs.

V2 Cloud had exactly what I was looking for. They passed my sniff test when I choose technology that I call “FLASH” which means they were Fast, Lean, Agile, Secure, and (very, very) Hassle-free

Manuel W. Lloyd



The deployment of the cloud infrastructure was overwhelmingly successful. Communities In Schools, Cape Fear computer lab is now properly equipped with a cloud desktop infrastructure that is accessible via powerful zero clients.

It was built in less than 2 weeks and most importantly it saved Communities In Schools thousands of dollars they would have spent deploying a physical desktop infrastructure.

With the on-demand availability of the cloud desktops accelerating the students’ learning process, they are now able to meet their curriculum goals for technology and education. The cost-saving success of this pilot project means the platform will be deployed in other computer labs by Communities In Schools.



The cost-saving benefit of not having to spend capital on purchasing expensive hardware, software upgrades, anti-ransomware protection and backup systems is the major benefit for Communities In Schools.

The students now have access to a very powerful cloud desktop computer allowing them to perform their academic tasks successfully. V2 Cloud desktops are fully managed so the IT headache of managing the system is automatically shifted to V2 Cloud’s 24/7 technical support team.

Communities In Schools were able to deploy secure, powerful and very cost-effective cloud desktops to their students in less than two weeks with the help of Manuel W. Lloyd through a V2 Cloud powered solution.


“Working with V2 Cloud was a no-brainer for me, especially after I saw that they deliver on their marketing promises. I barely have to do anything but I profit a lot. I’m a raving fan.”

Manuel W. Lloyd, Certified ITIL®, ITSM Expert Manuel W. Lloyd


Manuel W. Lloyd consults on challenges bothering around the cost of purchasing hardware, operating system upgrades, IT governance (centralized management through a single pane of glass), and cyber resilience.

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