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Headquartered in the United States and founded over a decade ago, Contractors Software Group (CSG) develop software applications for residential and light commercial construction companies. CSG is the only software company for builders and contractors that offer a fully integrated sales, marketing, customer services, estimating, purchasing, scheduling and job accounting systems. Based on your company size, budget and specific needs, CSG offers a multiple series of software products to choose from.

Contractors Software Group Case Study



We discovered that about 50 percent of our construction prospects were looking for hosted applications that they could pay for on a monthly basis. As the demand for a cloud-hosted version of our construction software reached new heights, we decided to virtualize of our solution. To achieve this goal we needed a cloud partner that will help us deploy our software to the cloud and stream it to end users. We didn’t want to rewrite our software code to make it cloud compatible because that will cost us a lot in money and time.

To differentiate Contractors Software Group from the competition we had to partner with a cloud provider that has an infrastructure that is cost-effective, easy to manage (to minimize the load on our technical team) and delivers quality user experience.


CSG chose to host software applications on V2 Cloud due to the provider’s solid track record of performance and innovation. Our founder Jeff Knutson believed that the stability and data security measures of V2 Cloud would enable us to focus on software development and customer service rather than infrastructure maintenance.

We started offering the cloud version of our software hosted on V2 Cloud about a year ago to our existing and potential clients. V2 Cloud made it possible for us to offer customers the option to purchase, lease to own or to pay for our software on a monthly basis. The customer support services provided to us by V2 Cloud Support Staffs lead by Dejan Velkov is world class. We’ve been in the software industry for years and have worked with many vendors, but V2 Cloud’s support is the best we’ve experienced so far.

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  • With V2 Cloud hosting our software we can offer prospects the option to either purchase our software or get a monthly subscription plan.
  • CSG can offer a cloud version of our software applications without rewriting a single line of code.
  • Partnering with V2 Cloud has enabled CSG to reduce the cost and time required to deliver our software to end-users.
  • We increased sales opportunities since we started offering a cloud version of our software hosted on V2 Cloud.
  • Better positioning of our product to compete with other construction software providers.
  • Our partnership with V2 Cloud has also provided CSG with the opportunity to deliver our software to users’ mobile devices.


“At CSG we pride ourselves in being a service-oriented company, so it is important that our partners provide superior customer support services. V2 Cloud provides quality customer support services. They respond to our technical questions within minutes. I’ll recommend the platform to any software developer who wants to deliver a hosted version of their solution to end-users.”

Jeff Knutson, Founder & CTO

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