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Based in New York City, Livolt provides engineering consulting services in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and combined heat and power. As part of the PowerNYC Program, by leasing a small portion of the rear yard of your building to Livolt, they manage to install a very quiet electric generator, enabling you as the property owner to make a monthly rent payment. The electricity generated by the generator is sold at standard ConEd prices on regular ConEd Bill.

Livolt Case Study




We are working with a team of employees split between Israel and NYC that needs desktop computers with high-performance computing power in order to work effectively and share files instantly. It was not economically beneficial for us to purchase or invest time in maintaining physical high-quality computers for these remote employees.

First, they were working remotely (not from our central office) with a possibility of them leaving the company at some or any point. Secondly, the growth of our company has brought us to the conclusion that the processes of managing backups, system updates, antivirus, and security of sensitive data can be handled by outsourcing it to experts; We preferred dedicating that time in expanding our business instead.

Having considered all these factors we made a decision to create a cloud workspace that is equipped with powerful virtual machines for our remote employees. The outcome of this situation was moving our entire IT business operation to the cloud because it will save us enormous time and capital.

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When we set out to find a solution, we wanted a cloud desktop solution that has the best standards of compliance, security and supports bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy with at least uptime just like a physical desktop.

By searching Google using terms like ‘cloud-based desktop’ we found numerous solutions. Our first pick was MS Azure. With their overpriced services and delayed customer support responses, we did not find it a fitting choice for our company’s needs.

Eventually, we found V2 Cloud and Mat, the CEO offered us a turn-key solution that provided the digital workspace setup we needed and at a decent price without any upfront fees.

We created a cloud workspace on V2 Cloud and with assistance of their customer support department, conveniently moved our IT operations to the cloud. Adding our remote employees to the previously set-up cloud workspace, allowed them to easier work with powerful cloud desktops, securely share files and collaborate seamlessly.



This migration of our IT operation to V2 Cloud Workspace increased our productivity and collaboration among Livolt remote employees, helping us to form a virtual team with workers in Israel and NYC.

In fact, the only difference that the remote employees see between their physical computers and the VM, is that the V2 Cloud’s machine performs better.

We started using V2 Cloud in November of 2017 and since then, it has been a game changer in terms of our ability to constantly have a reliable high-quality machine that is maintained and securely managed by experts.

As a result from the ease of access on any device with internet access and a web-browser, we experienced increased flexibility.

No employee troubleshoots any IT due to the V2 Cloud’s support availability at anytime.

Our workspace admin favors the V2 Cloud’s dashboard granting him access to each user’s activity and allowing him to manage desktop functions more efficiently with just a few clicks.

The cost savings from transferring our entire IT operations to V2 Cloud are now evident.


“First, the set up was a lot easier than other solutions we tested previously, it was less expensive and the customer support responded to our questions within minutes.”

Natan (Nathan Winkler) Shahar, Managing Partner at Livolt

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