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SecureFLO is an advocate of good cyber hygiene. Our Company’s primary focus is to offer cyber/information security as a service (SECaaS). We use secure cloud platforms (HIPAA compliant) to deliver security as a service to our clients spread across the world. Our service offerings include the capability to manage threats, incident response, phishing, multi-factor authentication, malware scanning, penetration testing/vulnerability assessment, WAF, DDOS, and other security-related services.

SecureFLO Case Study


As security professionals, we understand the uniqueness of every company’s security needs, that is why we don’t offer a one-size fit all security solutions to our clients. We serve businesses in Industries like Healthcare (HIPAA compliant), Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Insurance, eCommerce, State Government, Financial Services, Retail, & Manufacturing.


In this case study, we will feature All Cape Gynecology an outstanding client of ours in the Healthcare industry. All Cape Gynecology clinic is the most trusted provider of gynecological and cosmetic care to women in and around the Cape Cod Region of Massachusetts. Their service offerings include women’s health care, plastic surgical procedures, anti-aging and aesthetic medicine.



All Cape Gynecology clinic was faced with two main challenges at the time of engaging with SecureFLO.

  • First, they needed to get HIPPA compliant as they sought to expand their market share through more service offerings to patients.
  • Secondly, the terrible latency of the desktop infrastructure they had affected both their workflow and productivity.

They started the search for an integrated solution that will address both needs simultaneously. Eventually, they found SecureFLO using an organic search. Being a small clinic, All Cape Gynecology wanted a Cybersecurity solution from a company that is receptive and responsive to the needs of a small business. After several weeks of consultation, they decided to use SecureFLO’s expertise to solve their business problem.


Our partnership with V2 Cloud made it super easy for us to solve these problems. The client needed to be HIPAA Compliant, and SecureFLO had the expertise to get them to compliance. However, they needed a new cloud desktop infrastructure provider, and that was when we introduced them to V2 Cloud’s WorkSpaces. We showed them a demo of V2 Cloud, and they were amazed by the performance of the system. The latency of the virtual desktop was next to zero, and the pricing was right.

We bundled V2 Cloud’s Virtual desktop with SecureFLO’s Security solution to meet and address both challenges simultaneously. SecureFLO’s access controls implementation roadmap allows All Cape Gynecology clinic to get HIPAA compliant quickly, and the V2 Cloud desktop allowed them to switch IT providers with almost zero downtime. They were immensely satisfied with the ease-of-use of the V2 Cloud desktop interface.



  • The combination of the SecureFLO’s HIPAA compliant specific controls and the ease of deployment and use of the V2 Cloud solution proved to be the winning solution for the All Cape Gynecology.
  • With a centralized desktop environment like V2 Cloud WorkSpaces, implementing security controls and monitoring becomes far easier.
  • The cost of service is also lower since All Cape Gynecology does not carry IT hardware resource inventory on-premise.


“The ease of use of the V2 Cloud solution makes it SecureFLO’s first choice for its secure Desktop-as-a-Service offering. It’s intuitive user interface and minimal configuration makes it easy for SecureFLO to focus on our core competency: protecting information at risk. Needless it is to say that V2 Cloud’s hyper-helpful customer assistance, starting with Matt, the CEO, on downward that makes working with V2 Cloud a pleasure.”

Chacko Pallathucheril, Technology Director at SecureFLO


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