Shopping Cart Elite
Case Study

Shopping Cart Elite is for companies who are dissatisfied with the limitation of their shopping cart. It is an ecommerce solution that completely automates your online business. Unlike the majority of shopping carts on the market, they have created a software that doesn’t require you to have a bunch of third party apps in order to have automation, marketing and SEO tools for your online business.


We were looking for a solution to bring our cloud-based windows software client into a virtualized environment to create a beautiful and most importantly functional HTML5 experience.

We demoed different solutions but all of them lacked both the user experience that we demanded and the commitment from the leadership to support it after it was enhanced.

Matt, CEO of V2 Cloud and his team worked with us until we were satisfied with the user experience. They also continued innovating the solution beyond our imagination.

We believe that V2 Cloud is the only solution on the market that is capable of creating a true web based experience for a windows application.

Igor Shoshkin
CEO, Shopping Cart Elite

V2 Cloud client since February 2015

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