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TORVIC Technologies

TORViC Technologies, Inc. (TORViC) is a global consortium of enterprises that provide software and services to select groups of public and private sector markets. They acquire, manage and develop industry specific software businesses that offer specialized, mission-critical software solutions for its customers.

TORViC Technologies Case Study

Torvic Technologies

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“V2 Cloud helped us to seamlessly deploy our Club Management Software and IP Management client-server system to the Cloud. This helps us offer a cloud version of our software applications with exceptional speed and reliability to over 1000 customers.

It is truly an unparalleled solution for software virtualization. The responsiveness of the V2 Cloud support team is simply astonishing!

Today, we are capable of delivering our IP Management solution for Patent Attorneys and other IP Professionals utilizing the assistance of the V2 Cloud team, which is always available to help.”

Vic Cizmarik, President, TORViC Technologies Inc.

vic cizmarik

V2 Cloud client since February 2015

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