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Value Management Resources (VMR) is the most trusted provider of professional-level back office (bookkeeping, accounting, and financial reporting) services to small businesses based in Downtown Chicago, IL USA. Our mission is to provide emerging and growing businesses with top-notch back office services at a price that makes sense. We deliver the most cost-effective cloud-based accounting services in a monthly package to augment your QuickBooks experience.

Value Management Resources Case Study

Value Management Resources

Value Management Resources


Our clients started considering a replacement for their aging IT infrastructures used for bookkeeping and other accounting activities. We discussed the replacement options available with them: on-premise and cloud. After comparing the cost of replacing and maintaining the old servers with the security and ease of moving to the cloud, most of them opted for the cloud.

The idea of moving to the cloud was the best solution as far as cost was concerned; however, some of our clients were skeptical about the security of their data and other financial information. That is why we started searching for a cloud solution that is cost-effective and has a very sophisticated data security strategy that addresses all our security needs.


Our IT director demoed different cloud solutions before we found V2 Cloud’s WorkSpaces. Bill Hayes from UCX in Chicago introduced us to Mat the Founder and CEO of V2 Cloud. Later that week we had an online meeting where he gave us a detailed demonstration of their WorkSpaces.

Value Management Resources


V2 Cloud’s admin dashboard makes it easy to set up our clients within minutes. We considered the ‘Web-Connect” a great feature for our clients because of how convenient it is to access their data via a web browser. The data security strategy he showed us (3-layer firewall, Anti-DDoS, Private Cloud networks, encrypted communications, Antiviruses and 2-factor authentication) was what our clients requested.

At the end of the demo, he convinced us that this is the solution our clients needed. A couple of days later we built a trial instance (QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud) to show our clients how compatible the product is to their cloud needs. They were happy the cloud workspace allowed them to see what we are doing and when with their data.

Some of our clients decided to move their accounting operations from the more traditional on-site infrastructure to V2 Cloud’s WorkSpaces following the demonstration.


We know that cloud is the destination of most business accounting operations and we are glad to have a partner like V2 Cloud. VMR is preparing a marketing campaign that will help educate all our clients and prospects on the importance of moving their accounting activities to the cloud.

Our partnership with V2 Cloud allows us to bundle the highest quality, most secure cloud hosting services they offer with our back office services as a monthly package that is affordable to small businesses. Value Management Resources clients don’t worry about IT because V2 Cloud takes care of it. The level of transparency the solution brings makes it easier for us to deliver our services. For example, if we say we’ll be doing a client’s billing monthly, the client wants to see that it is happening as promised and V2 Cloud allows them to monitor the process.

V2 Cloud is the third provider we’ve worked with and is BY FAR the best vendor. The pricing is not too high, indeed not low. It’s fair, and we know because we have been offering cloud-based accounting services for years.

Value Management Resources


VMR gained a greater competitive advantage with V2 Cloud in our service offering- Guaranteed quality cloud desktop experience (for QuickBooks and other software) for small businesses at an affordable price.

Increased data security and collaboration for our clients- V2 Cloud helped our clients go paperless. Those who deployed the system no longer carry folders filled with papers, and don’t rely on external storage to share files (Security risk).

Efficient IT and accounting management- Providing our services across many locations at the same time would have been difficult without V2 Cloud.

V2 Cloud WorkSpaces allows us to seamlessly collaborate with our clients by granting them round the clock access to view the work we are performing on their behalf.


“VMR has been offering cloud-based services for more than 8 years, and I can say with certainty that V2 Cloud provides the highest-quality cloud solution for small business regardless of industry.”

Virginia McGann Founder, President and CEO -Value Management Resources

She is a proven leader in managing financial performance and helping clients align their operations to their mission most efficiently and profitably.

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