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We offer multi-user Cloud Desktops completely managed and live-monitored by a team of top tier professionals.

Whether you’re looking for features such as moving a Windows application like QuickBooks to the cloud, providing a cloud desktop to a remote employee, or making sure that your entire office’s desktop computers are immune against viruses and ransomware, V2 Cloud is what you’re looking for.

Our Benefits

Why do you need our product


Cloud desktops are much more secure than traditional desktop and laptop computers. With our two-step authentication, multi-layer firewalls, daily snapshots, anti-ransomware, and our Tier III data-centers, your data is in good hands.

Employee Productivity

With the increasing popularity of remote working, employees want to bring their own devices (BYOD) and work from anywhere. By using our cloud desktops, you’re able to boost their productivity.

Easy and secure remote access

Your business applications are securely hosted in the Cloud, and you control who has access to what. Outside consultants and freelancers now have controlled access to only what they need using their own devices.

IT Expenses

With our ridiculously easy to use and full-featured Cloud desktop, you don’t need IT consultants anymore, and you’re able to convert your capital expenses into a small monthly operating cost.

Our Features

Simplify the way your team works remotely


Full Admin Access

You have a full 360-degree view and control of all your Cloud Desktops, simplifying user management, and business application installation and access.


Published Applications

Any program that is installed in the Cloud desktop can be published to a user without giving access to a full desktop.
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One-Click Web Access

Our Cloud Desktops are accessible with any modern Web browser (no plugin required) fully featured with full-screen desktop, built-in HTTPS encryption, bidirectional copy-paste, and printing.
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Ransomware Protection

Your V2 Cloud desktops comes with Antivirus pre-installed, and all snapshots are kept in an offline location to protect your business from ransomware attacks.


Active Directory Integration

We integrate with your on-prem or cloud-based Windows Active Directory and AzureAD so your employees can use their corporate logins.


Multi-User Desktops

Our Cloud instances are multi-user capable (up to 250). All users have their own desktop and private folders but are part of the same virtual machine with access to public shared folders.
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Two-Step Authentication

Multi-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to your cloud desktops, further preventing unauthorized access.


Daily Backup Snapshots

All cloud desktops are automatically backed-up daily.  Your data can be recovered easily and quickly in the event of a human mistake, local disaster, or cyber-attack.
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Fanatical Technical Support

Whether you are a single user or an enterprise with 100’s of users all V2 Cloud plans come with access to our fanatical technical support team.
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What V2 Cloud Can Do

You’re in search of relevant ways on how V2 Cloud can help you? Whether you’re looking for windows published apps, QuickBooks cloud hosting or HIPAA compliant cloud desktop, our product can help you reach your goals. Discover our list of use cases for your business.

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