Application Migration Definition

Intermediate – Cloud Computing

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The application migration definition is the process of moving a software program or an application from one computing environment to another. Usually, this process occurs under a migration plan as a step by steps process. But there are software tools that help you to automate the entire process or perform specific tasks related to application migration. If the migration process becomes successful, then all the intended users will be able to access the application without any missing data or functionality.

In a cloud computing environment, moving applications from an on-premise server to a cloud environment or moving applications from one cloud environment to another is referred to as application migration. In the software development process, application migration takes place when a developer wants to send a software application for testing. The application is moved from the development environment to the quality assurance (QA) environment where the testers have access and freedom to perform testing.

Why is application migration required?

  • to provide a cloud version of your desktop software
  • To upgrade software functionality or improve efficiency.
  • To provide accessibility to a specific group of users.
  • To incorporate business needs or government regulation for technology use.
  • To apply advanced or destructive technology to an application.
  • To move an application from a legacy system to the current working environment.

Application migration services is a broad category. If you’re looking to provide a cloud version to your desktop application, we’re able to do that for you.

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