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Application Streaming

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Application streaming is an online software delivery platform. It basically works based on a fact that only a small portion of the programming code of most applications is required to run a program. The process is transparent to the end-user as well. The need to completely install an application on a client machine is not necessary. Portions of the application can be acquired via the network whenever required.

The server of the application transfers enough data to launch the application; this is usually only 10% of the application. Then the server streams the rest of the information to the client in the background even when the end-user is working. Application streaming uses RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) to perform the tasks. It is generally used in desktop virtualization.

Advantages of Application Streaming

Some of the benefits that can be gained are discussed as follows,

  • Allows the users to download only the necessary attributes instead of the whole component. The rest of the attributes can be saved on a remote network server where the user can access later. It avoids unnecessary programs and applications from running in the system which would consume the system’s resources. That way, the system performance improves and functions faster.
  • Cost-effectiveness depending on the factors such as;
    1. Software upgrading:
      Whenever an organization has plans to update or change the application version, it can be set up to be processed automatically anytime when the user logs in.
    2. Software installation:
      Streaming applications is provided via a remote network server. Hence, the user has to just notify the system with desktop requirements so an appropriate version of the application will be dispatched.
    3. License fees:
      Users don’t have to buy licenses as streaming cuts down all the application software license fees and licensing administration expenditures as well.

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