Cloud Backup Definition

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The cloud backup definition is the process of making copies of your data and storing them in a remote server through the Internet. The cloud services that provide cloud backup as service, make copies of your most recent files, and store them in an officiate-location. Most cloud services perform this function automatically. You can access cloud backups from anywhere and any device which has been granted permission to access them.

The advantages of using Cloud Backup

These are some of the advantages of cloud backup.

  • Cloud backups save on storage by clearing up space and allowing you to store your data in a secure remote location to where you have convenient access. This reduces the cost of having to maintain an on-premise storage space.
  • Backing up data in a cloud reduces the risk of losing data as data is stored in a remote location. It ensures that even in the event of a server or computer system failure the cloud backup will still have a copy of your data.
  • In cloud backup, files are mirrored from devices such as computers, mobile phones and servers to the cloud. The mirroring process makes sure you can retrieve the most updated versions of your data from the cloud backup.
  • Backing up data in a cloud helps you to protect your data from ransomware. In case if your computer undergoes an attack of ransomware that blocks access to your data or deletes your files, you can recover and restore your data easily from the cloud backup.

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