Cloud Computer Definition

Basic – Cloud computing

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The cloud computer definition is a computer that runs software and databases and can be accessed over the Internet. Cloud computer is used for virtualization which enables sharing storage, processing power, memory, software and other hardware resources with the computers which are connected to it remotely.

A cloud computer can be hosted in a public cloud or a private cloud. In a public cloud, a third-party service provider delivers a set of services to public users over the Internet using a cloud computer. In a private cloud, the cloud computer is hosted in a private network that belongs to an organization or a company and the services are delivered to a limited number of authorized users.

What are the uses of a cloud computer?

Now that you know the cloud computer definition, let’s learn some of his uses and it’s role in a cloud environment.

  • A cloud computer centralizes and shares computing resources such as storage, processing power, network bandwidth, and computer memory. This allows you to build and maintain a cost-effective and efficient multi-user computing environment.
  • A cloud computer may act as a data center to process and store data, a server that hosts and runs applications, a testing instance that executes tests, a platform to develop software or an email service provider, etc.
  • Cloud computers deliver on-demand computing services through the Internet and they are used as storage facilities to save and back up data.

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