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Computer Science Definition

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The computer science definition, in simple terms, mean the study of computing, programming, and computation of data. The study of this domain requires a stronger mathematical foundation and it focuses on solving computational problems in a better and faster way. At a high level, the field of computer science can be categorized into four main areas as theoretical computer science, computer systems, computer applications, and software engineering.

Theoretical computer science is about data structures, algorithms, programming, the theory of computation and coding. Subject areas such as computer architecture, networking, databases, performance analysis, security, cryptography, and distributed systems fall under computer systems. Computer applications are about computer graphics, human-computer interactions (HCI), artificial intelligence, simulation software, and scientific computing. Software Engineering is a systematic approach to design, development, testing, and maintenance of software applications.

Studying this field helps you to think through a problem in a more logical approach and find an optimum solution for it. It also helps you to work with emerging computer technology and develop innovative software and products. It’s a rapidly growing field that has helped to achieve technological advancements in many areas such as communication, health care, transposition, education, infrastructure development, finance and banking, engineering, and space exploration. Now, you know the computer science definition.

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