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Data Center Definition

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The data center definition is the following: It is a dedicated facility of an organization where it’s back-end IT infrastructure is assembled and the data is stored. It’s used to store backup data of an organization such as documents and files, customer information, and financial details to keep them safe from data theft, disasters such as fire, flood, and accidentally being deleted by users. A data center saves space and reduces the energy consumption of an organization. Having a dedicated data center increases the potential to expand and avoid the costs of data loss.

This type of dedicated facility consist of many rows of racks that hold servers. As these servers and other equipment generate lots of heat you need to enable a cooling system for the data center. The data centers also require backup power supplies such as larger batteries and power generators to maintain the reliability and availability of the services. These facilities are usually maintained by a group of IT specialists, mechanical experts, and electrical engineers throughout the day.

His main components are the facility or the location, IT equipment, electrical equipment, mechanical infrastructure, and environmental sensors. With the advancements of technology, the concept of data centers is transformed into a cloud. The vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon have introduced cloud-based datacenters. The hardware infrastructure is maintained and run by these cloud providers and the end-users run their applications and store data on a virtual platform provided through the cloud. These cloud-based data centers provide on-demand storage and processing power to the users without having to maintain a hardware infrastructure. Now, you know the data center definition.

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