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Definition of Malware

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The definition of malware is another term for malicious software. It’s a software program that interrupts your computer system, disables the functionary, takes control of your data, blocks access to your files, or the computer system. This software is also commonly known as a computer virus.

You may infect your computer with malware from a hidden file installed in software that you downloaded to your computer from an insecure website or by clicking on a link received via emails or social media from an unknown source. Malware is designed to interrupt your computer system or the applications by taking advantage of the technical flaws and vulnerabilities in the hardware, software, and operating system (OS). Now that you know the definition of malware, let’s learn the different kind.

The types of Malware

  • Ransomware is a form of malware that locks the computer system or the files under its attack until the victim pays a ransom to regain access to the computer.
  • Adware is a malicious program that is designed to generate unnecessary advertisements in your browsers and other applications without your consent.
  • Spyware is a malicious program that spies on user activities in a computer system. It can record your keystrokes such as passwords, account numbers, and other sensitive data.
  • The botnet is a set of devices connected to the Internet. If a botnet attacks your computer, it can make your computer also a part of an infected system that sends spams and launches cyber attacks.
  • Trojan Horse is a malware that acts as legitimate software and steals sensitive data such as your login credentials and financial data by tricking you to download it into your computer system.
  • A rootkit is a set of software tools that can take control of your computer system and use it to perform unauthorized activities such as generating cryptocurrency.
  • A worm is a form of malware that spreads across computer networks taking advantage of vulnerabilities in the operating systems. Worms interrupt the networks by overloading the web servers, deleting files and consuming high bandwidth.

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