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Desktop as a Service

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DaaS stands for Desktop as a Service and it’s a type of virtual computing. The purpose of it is to provide cloud-based workspaces to employees, and people. The main benefit of it is users can access it at any time, anywhere. The VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) of DaaS is hosted and managed by a third party enterprise. All of the back-end operations of the desktop infrastructure are managed by the third-party cloud provider. Hence, it benefits the end-user.

The Daas provides a single application to multiple users. Thus, it is referred to as a multi-tenancy provider that is offered as a subscription service. The end users can access the applications and other services via the virtual desktop streamed by the DaaS provider to their devices. This service benefits the organizations that intend to move away from their own on-premises VDI deployments.

Advantages of DaaS over VDI

DaaS is a VDI hosted on a cloud that makes it different from the typical VDI deployment. Some of the benefits it offers over VDI are pointed out below;

  • Easy implementation and administration – the ability to utilize the service easily as opening a browser without any support.
  • Scalability – new desktops can be deployed on-demand of the end consumers need. Therefore no need of additional hardware resources.
  • Security – DaaS provides applications and other services securely to the user while simplifying the processes.
  • Flexibility – the ability to access the applications and desktop anywhere at any time.
  • Cost management – payments are made only for the services used based on monthly or annual subscriptions. Hence, no upfront investments.
  • Business continuity – since no hardware resources are involved, tasks can be continued even during a natural disaster.

Desktop as a Service are a great solution. Learn more about our own solution here at V2 Cloud by checking our feature page.

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