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Domain Name Definition

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The domain name definition is a more human-friendly textual address that represents an Internet Protocol (IP) address on the Internet. The IP address is a unique series of numbers that is assigned to every computer on the Internet which is difficult for people to remember. For example, instead of trying to remember the IP address you can remember which is the domain name of Google search engine.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the translation system that converts the textual domain names into numerical IP addresses that computers require to communicate with each other. The domain names are unique as they represent unique IP addresses which individually identify the resources on the Internet. The domain names are created following a syntax which consists of top-level domains and subdomains.

The domain name is a part of Uniform Resource Locator (URL) which directs you to a particular web page on the Internet. When you type a domain name such as on your browser, it finds the IP address which is associated with the domain name with the help of DNS. Then it loads the content hosted in that IP address which is the Google search engine home page, to the user.

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