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Dual Boot Definition

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The dual boot definition refer to running two operating systems in our computer system and the ability to choose which operating system to boot. One partition is required to store data and files of the two operating systems. Each operating system contained within its partition.

Having two different operating systems on the same computer system reduces the hardware and maintenance costs. Dual boot enables you to switch between two operating systems without having to shut down one operating system completely. Running both Windows and Linux operating systems in a single computer system is an example of this activity.

The usage of dual boot

Now that you know the dual boot definition, here are some instances where it’s useful.

  • To easily install an operating system – When you are removing one operating system, you can use the other operating system to configure the application and migrate all the required data before the uninstallation.
  • To run software with different specifications – There may be software that you need to run but not compatible with your existing operating system. In such an instance, you can use a dual boot system to configure one operating system to fulfill the specification of the software you need to run.
  • To test software applications – In the software development process, dual boot is used when the software applications are required to test on two different operating systems. For example, testing applications on Linux and Windows operating systems to see if the application is compatible with both operating systems.

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