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Multi-Monitors Definition

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The multi-monitors definition refers to a physical arrangement of multiple display devices such as computer monitors, projectors, or TV monitors connected to a single computer system. Multi-monitors are set up to increase the display area of a single computer system. They share a single display to project visual content more widely and clearly. Another major use of a multi-monitor setup is to view multiple applications running on the same computer system, on multiple screens simultaneously.

Most of the desktop and laptop computers are manufactured with multiple display ports or video connectors such as DisplayPort (DP), Digital Visual Interface (DVI), Video Graphics Array (VGA) connector, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) which allow you to connect additional display devices to the computer system. Multi-monitors can increase the usability, productivity, communication, and collaboration of a user.

Multi-Monitors’ popular uses

Now that you know the multi-monitors definition, here are some of the popular instances where they are used.

  • Computer gamers use multi-monitors setups to have a better visual of 3D animations and game information.
  • Users who run multiple applications such as emails, spreadsheets simultaneously can view these applications on separate screens in a multi-monitor workstation.
  • People working with stock markets make use of multiple monitors to display charts and tables of stock information more distinctly.
  • Software developers set up multi-monitor workstations to have separate views of multiple applications such as code editors, emulators, and software tools. It allows running the applications at the same time in their computer system.
  • Graphics artists and video editors use multi-monitors to increase the editing software landscape.

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