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On-Premise Software

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On-premise software is the software that is installed and run on a local computer or a server on-premises. On-premise software is usually installed in a server connected to a local network. The other computers on the premises can access the software through the local network. When installing on-premises software, you have to purchase the complete instance of the software with the license. Commercial software such as Citrix / Windows RDP, SharePoint, SAP R3, Adobe Creative Suite, WebTrends, and Microsoft Exchange are some of the popular options out there.

What are the challenges of using on-premises software and servers?

Even though on-premise software provides better control over your application data, more customization ability, and less vendor dependency, they have to deal with the following challenges as well.

  • Once you purchase that kind of software, you have to maintain it on your own. You have to manage security and take regular backups etc. Few companies provide additional support services but most companies do not provide additional support.
  • You need to set up a local network connecting all your computers to a local server which is time-consuming to set up and costly to maintain.
  • They cannot be accessed from remote locations. All computers which indent to use the software should be available on the premises.
  • You have to hire a dedicated IT team to maintain and update the software as well as to manage security and take regular backups.

Even if on-premise software don’t make it possible to access them remotely, did you know that V2 Cloud provides cloud-based application hosting? You can access multiple desktop applications and use them on the cloud.

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