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Online Transaction Processing

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Online transaction processing which is abbreviated as OLTP is an information system that is designed to support transaction-oriented applications in a 3-tier architecture. The primary objective of an OLTP system is processing data. The high availability, concurrency, high data processing speed, and recoverability are the main features of an OLTP system. OLTP systems consist of the insert and update intensive database management system to handle multiple concurrent transactions.

OLTP systems help to administrate the daily transactions process of an organization and allow multiple users to access the same data at the same time. The examples of OLTP systems are Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Online banking systems, online ticket reservation systems, stock exchange systems, and e-commerce websites where people perform multiple online transactions concurrently.

The benefits of OLTP systems

These are some of the benefits that OLTP systems provide to your organization.

  • OLTP enhances the customer base of an organization by simplifying the individual transaction processes.
  • OLTP systems provide reliable online payment services such as credit card transactions.
  • From the users’ aspect, OLTO systems are efficient, easy to use, and have a short response time.
  • OLTP systems can handle a large volume of transactions and process complex calculations even during high peak loads.
  • OLTP systems are designed to forecast the expenses and revenues of an organization accurately.

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