Private Cloud Definition

Intermediate – Cloud Computing

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The private cloud definition is a dedicated cloud infrastructure provided by a cloud service provider (CSP) only to a single tenant. In this cloud computing model, only the cloud and hosting services are provided by the CSP through a private network, and the physical IT infrastructure including hardware resources is maintained by the client organization. Hence, the private cloud provides more control and the ability to customize the services to fit customer needs.

Private clouds are most commonly used to migrate data centers to cloud and run core business applications of the companies that provide unique and competitive advantages to their customers such as research, manufacturing, and supply chain management. V2 Cloud, Vmware, Dell, Oracle, and CISCO are some of the popular private cloud service providers.

The features of a private cloud

Now that you know the private cloud definition, here are some of the common features of this model.

  • A private cloud can fetch hardware resources as per the requirements of the applications running on the cloud. Hence, private clouds provide a solution for the need to use special hardware configurations and specifications with cloud services.
  • Private clouds provide a single-tenant infrastructure where only the data of a single organization is stored in the cloud.
  • As the services are hosted and provided through a private network, only the people with authorized access such as administrators can access the services in the private cloud. Hence, private clouds are more secure.
  • The client organization needs to have an administrator to manage the private cloud services as the CSP provides the cloud services and the client organization provides the physical hardware infrastructure.
  • The private cloud model is comparatively expensive because the client organization has to maintain the hardware resources such as physical servers and networking.

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