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Terminal Server

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A terminal server is a computing environment that uses a client-server model software to enable multiple client computers to communicate with multiple servers. Terminal servers allow users to share the same applications including the operating system(OS) while maintaining a unique and isolated desktop user environment for each user. In a terminal server environment, the application execution occurs on the server-side while application presentation takes place on the client.

A terminal server environment consists of three main components i.e. console, desktop, and server. The console consists of input, output, and display devices such as a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The console is where the human-computer interaction takes place. The server consists of the hardware and the operating system. The desktop contains the applications that users need to interact with. In a terminal server environment, multiple console users connect to multiple desktops that are running within the same hardware. This concept is often referred to as application virtualization.

The benefits of terminal servers environment

These are some of the benefits of the terminal server environment.

  • Easy to manage
    The applications and user files are centrally stored and managed. Hence, a system administrator can centrally manage almost every aspect of the users’ experience including data and network.
  • High scalability
    A single server can accommodate multiple desktops. Hence, you can easily extend a terminal server environment to more users without having to spend a lot of money on hardware and software.
  • Share resources

    The users can share the same OS and the applications without having to install multiple instances of the same operating systems and applications.

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