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Virtual Desktop Definition

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The Virtual Desktop definition, or cloud desktop, is the following: a virtual environment where the entire desktop operating system with other software applications, are encapsulated into a software package and run as an instance on any compatible computer/server using virtual machine software.

Multiple virtual desktops can be run on a single physical server. These virtual desktops can be moved from one host server to another as well.

The advantages of desktop virtualization

There are many advantages of desktop virtualization. Here’s how a virtual desktop can help achieve better efficiency.

  • Desktop virtualization allows to personalized every user’s desktop connected to the server from any device such as thin clients, desktops, or laptops. Since desktop virtualization enables remote access, the users can access personalized data and files from any location.
  • At an enterprise-level, desktop virtualization is useful as all virtual desktops are centrally managed and backed up. Also, desktop virtualization enables remote working and distance learning, so users can log into the desktop from any device and from anywhere.
  • In a virtual desktop environment, all hardware, including the central processing unit (CPU), memory, and storage, are all virtual. Also, the devices that are used to access the virtual desktop are low-cost thin clients. These thin clients consume low power. Hence why desktop virtualization can reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs.
  • Virtual desktops can be deployed faster and managed remotely. With good customer support, there’s no need to employ a dedicated IT team to provide technical support and troubleshoot issues.
  • Running virtual desktop can be moved from one host server to another. This supports load balancing, making the overall process more efficient. It also increases the resilience of the infrastructure.
  • Some virtual desktop providers implement disaster recovery plans through daily snapshots of your data.

Virtual desktops have multiple uses. Learn more about our own virtual desktop here at V2 Cloud by checking our feature page.

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