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Web App Definition

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The Web App definition is a shortened form for Web Application. It’s a software program that developed using web development programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc, hosted on a remote web server and running inside a web browser.

Web applications are available to the users through the Internet. They are hosted on web servers and the users can access these web applications from the browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome in their devices. The back-end functions of these programs are supported by web services. Web services execute web application functions that correspond to user activities through the Internet.

Examples of web apps

These are some examples of popular web applications

  • Online email boxes such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mails
  • Social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Video sharing applications such as Youtube and Vimeo
  • Online word editors and spreadsheet apps such as Office 365, Google Docs and Google Sheets

Characteristic of web apps

These are the most common characteristics of web applications.

  • Web apps are focused on user engagement and the majority of the content of the web apps are inputs from the end-users.
  • Web apps are similar to desktop applications but they are running inside web browsers and function through the Internet.
  • They are highly responsive, and provide a user experience similar to a desktop or native mobile app and often upgraded by the publishers with better features.
  • These apps use push notifications to keep the users notified about the activities related to the app and make the users frequently engage with the app.
  • Web apps are different from websites in many ways even though they both run in web browsers. Web apps are more complicated and require more skills to use compared to websites.
  • Now, you know the web app definition.

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