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What is a VPN?

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What is a VPN? Well, it’s a secure, private network that is created within a public network on the Internet. When you use a VPN to send and receive data online, it creates a tunnel that encrypts and transmits your data securely. It helps people who work remotely to set up a secure connection to their organization’s or company’s information systems. This type of network protects your privacy and identity by masking your Internet Protocol (IP) address, changing your location and encrypting data on transmission.

What are the reasons to use a VPN?

  • Establish a secure connection to transmit data
    VPN encrypts your data and transmits them through a secured tunnel. This prevents unauthorized access and loss of data. When you send and receive data online even if a hacker gets hold of your data they will not be able to read them as they are encrypted.
  • Protect your identity and ensure privacy
    When you send data through the Internet the information of your IP address is also transmitted along with that. For example, when you request to access a website, that website can obtain the IP address of your device which made the request. VPN masks the IP addresses which can be used to track back to identify the user. Most of them provide a no-log policy which means they will not store any of your data that goes through their virtual connections or the servers.
  • Access services which are restricted to a certain geographical area
    VPNs add extra servers that host in different locations. When you send your data through a VPN, your data first goes through one of these VPN servers and then redirects to the destination server which you want to connect to. This process hides your actual location and assigns a new location. This enables you to access content such as websites that are restricted to your geographical area anonymously.

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