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What is a Windows Server?

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What is a Windows Server? Well, it’s a series of server operating systems (OS) developed and released by Microsoft Corporation. The first edition was released in April 2003 as “Windows Server 2003". The latest version which is “Windows Server 2022" was released in October 2022.

Windows Server is designed to handle web hosting and corporate networks more efficiently. It contains enterprise server software that allows the users to manage and share services among multiple computers. By utilizing Windows Server, the users obtain the ability to more efficiently administer applications, data, storage, security, users and hardware within a computer network.

When do you use Windows Server?

Now that you know what is a Windows Server, when do you use it? Here are some of the use cases.

  • This technology is capable of handling high-end hardware as they contain a bigger RAM compared to personal computers. It’s higher RAM capacity is useful to the users when they need to run virtual machines inside the local computer.
  • When you need the ability to access applications and remote desktop services with single sign-on. The single sign-on is a feature comes with Windows Server that allows you to access various applications with one set of credentials(username and password) at once.
  • It is commonly used as a network server that acts as a central operating system of a computer network. It has the ability to remotely create and assign the IP addresses of the computers connected to that network.
  • When you need to build a highly scalable local storage structure. It provides storage services that help to avoid data losses, increase data availability and allow users to monitor and manage end-to-end storage performance.

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