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What is Cloud Hosting?

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What is Cloud hosting? It is a service provided by cloud providers to host your Internet resources and applications on multiple, connected servers at the same time. When you host your website using cloud hosting, your data, files, and other internet resources will be distributed among a group of connected servers, that operate as a single system. You can access and manage your resources through a virtual machine connected to all the connected servers in the cloud.

The advantage of using cloud hosting

  • This service avoids a single point of failure and provides more security to your applications as the resources are distributed in multiple servers.
  • It provides better performance, increases flexibility and scalability by giving you access to better processing power, memory and excess storage provided by the multiple servers.
  • Cloud hosting assures the availability of the application through continuity of hosting. If one server fails, another server will pick the workload and continue the process.
  • This is a powerful and optimum solution to host large applications that draw high Internet traffic as the processing power and memory are distributed among multiple servers.
  • Cloud hosting reduces project costs by eliminating the need to physically set up and maintain software and hardware to host applications. Also, when using this cloud server, you only need to pay for the resources that you use.

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