What is Public Cloud?

Intermediate – Cloud Computing

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What is public cloud? It’s a cloud infrastructure hosted by a cloud service provider (CSP) who rents their cloud space to multiple customers or tenants. In this cloud computing model, the hardware resources, hosting services, and infrastructure are provided by the CSP and the customers access the cloud services through public networks such as the Internet. The users only pay for the services they use.

They are most commonly used to host everyday applications such as email services, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, human resources management (HRM) applications, collaboration applications, and other web applications that support businesses. Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure Google cloud, and IBM are some of the top public cloud service providers.

The features of a public cloud

These are some of the common features of this cloud infrastructure model.

  • Public clouds provide a solution for insufficient data storage and hardware resources by providing storage and back up space with synching capacity, sharing resources, and providing multi-user accessibility.
  • The cloud computing infrastructure or the data center is maintained on the premises of the CSP, and the services are delivered via the Internet.
  • As the services are hosted and provided through a public network, the restrictions on the accessibility are less. Hence, almost any user can use the services hosted in the public cloud.
  • It provides a multi-tenant infrastructure where the data of many organizations is stored in a shared environment but the data belonging to each organization are isolated from one another.

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