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What is Storage?

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Storage technology utilizes computer components and devices to store data in digital format for later retrieval. It serves as a useful means to store excess data and backups. Portable storage devices, such as external hard drives, CD/DVDs, and USB devices, enable the physical movement of data from one place to another.

Random-access memory (RAM), computer cache, and internal hard drives are inbuilt computer components. The digital data stored inside storage is measured by bytes.

Types of Storage: Temporary and Permanent

Temporary storage, like computer memory Random-access memory (RAM), and cache, holds data for short periods. RAM enables faster reading and writing of working data but loses its content when the computer is turned off. Cache stores previously computed data for quicker retrieval in future computations.

Permanent storage, however, includes devices like computer hard drives, CDs/DVDs, external hard drives, and USB devices. Data stored in permanent storage remains intact even when the device is powered off.

Examples of Permanent Storage Devices

Computer programs, program data, and user data find a home in the internal hard drive, constituting permanent storage. External hard drives, USB devices, and DVDs are commonly used for storing large files and backing up computer data.

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