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Workspace as a Service (WaaS)

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A Workspace as a Service (also called WaaS) can be considered as a sub-category of another service known as SaaS (Software as a Service). WaaS is a form of virtualized desktop used by organizations to provide a virtual workspace for the employees. Employees are allowed to access the companies applications and data via this platform anywhere at any time using any device.

This type of provider allows an environment similar to the user’s physical office desktop once logged into the vendor’s service while preserving the security protocols. The platform consists of all the necessary tools and applications required for office tasks. This includes backup capability, anti-virus software, accounting software, and many more.

This service is ideal for small businesses that have no necessary funds for resources and infrastructure for managing their IT related services. It also complements strategies such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud), and BYOA (Bring Your Own App). All those are accompanied with best security practices while minimizing security risks for the organization.

Some of the benefits provided by Workspace as a Service can be mentioned as;

  • Provides a full desktop experience combined with a virtualized workspace.
  • Ability to deliver data regardless of the geographical location of the user, using a device of end user’s choice.
  • Consists of security policies, VPN access, cloud, backup, access point protection, and many more.

V2 Cloud is considered a workspace as a service. A good cloud experience starts with localization. Check out our datacenters to learn more about our offer.

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